Alexis Spight ‘L.O.L’ (Living Out Loud) Review

Alexis Spight L.O.L Living Out Loud Album Review

‘L.O.L’ (Living Out Loud) is the new album from BET Sunday Best runner up Alexis Spight. I’ve heard a lot of noise about Spight but after not watching Sunday Best I was yet to hear her sing for myself so I greeted this album with optimism hoping that I’d hear something fresh and original.

Kicking off the album is ‘Steady’ a Soulful, Contemporary Gospel offering. I was immediately impressed by Spight’s vocal tone and delivery, which reassured me that I was going to enjoy listening to this album. It was refreshing to hear a (studio) live band instead of the usual programmed/sequenced production. The band give life, colour and provide solid grooves that tingled, popped and were just as sweet as “popping candy”.

I will always love traditional Gospel and was hoping that ‘Power In The Blood’ would be a gripping Hammond blaring version of the song, which would let her Clark Sister-like vocal sound and range shine. I didn’t get that, however I did enjoy Spight’s Motown twist on the Gospel classic which she vocally delivers on authentically and with vigor and soul making it impossible to not nod your head or tap your feet or (if you’re from the Motown era) “Jive.”

‘Musiq’ got my attention from the very beginning with its deep pocket and RnB melodies, which reminded me of Usher’s ‘Confessions’ in parts while ‘Aint Nobody Gonna Turn Me Around’ gave me all of the Traditional Gospel I was looking for on ‘Power In The Blood’ although it was leaning more towards slave-song choral melodies, the 2/4 beat, tambourine, expressive Hammond and dancing piano parts with the message “I can’t turn around!” Not looking backwards, but reaching forwards to the thing God has for us.

‘The Great I Am’ has some beautiful lyrics and Spight delivers with a mature vocal approach which allows her voice to shine contrasting with the perfect blend of the backing vocals on the call and response chorus. “Worship the Lord, His praise we’ll sing, we’ll shout in all the earth that Jesus is our King. For He deserves glory and He deserves honour, sing hallelujah as we bless His name…” provide the lyrics for the verse that make for a sweet, Praise & Worship song to the tune of peaceful Soul music.

“Evocable decisions, irreversible mistakes, irretrievable conversations, irreplaceable day, what can I do about what’s gone, it’s like holding on to the fall, it’s impossible…” These are the opening lyrics to the song ‘Live Right Now,’ a reflective, contemplative song that brings freedom from the past and gives courage to look forward. The uplifting, inspirational nature of this song is reflected and reinforced by the musical composition.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend that anyone covers a Kim Burrell song (because no-one quite does it like her), never mind a 19 year old new artist but Spight has just done that covering Burrell’s eternally popular ‘Calvary’. I’m glad Spight didn’t try to do a tribute to Burrell but rather gave her own interpretation of the song unfolding yet, more versatility in her voice effortlessly pouring out Jazz trills and scales.

‘L.O.L’ is a great first album from Alexis Spight. While I was expecting an album full of songs taken from Spight’s Sunday Best performances (like other Music World Gospel artists who’ve appeared on the show) I’m glad that there was new songs on the album.

Alexis Spight has an incredible voice. I was actually blown away by her voice and the rich tone she has along with the versatility to sing Traditional Gospel, Contemporary Gospel and popular music styles, and authentically too. Musically I love the album and especially that a live band is used through-out it which gave Spight a vibrant sound and solid grooves and melodic foundations to build her songs on.

After hearing ‘Steady’ I couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the album because that single is so strong and I can say that after listening to ‘L.O.L’ over and over again, I was not disappointed, this is a great album and showcases a voice that will rival the best of them in years to come which is scary because she’s only 19 and has a long way ahead of her.

Track List:

  • Steady
  • Set Me Free
  • Power In The Blood
  • Musiq
  • Ain’t Nobody Gonna Turn Me Around
  • Imagine Me
  • The Great I Am
  • Live Right Now
  • Calvary
  • Yet I’m Still Saved
  • Go This Way

Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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  1. Leith

    April 4, 2013 at 4:58 am

    There is not a CD that I can say I listen to the entire CD without skipping through it. That speaks volume. I have to be taken from the beginning of the song. Musiq is my favorite because it actually made me STOP to think about what is my passion. What makes me think back in my younger days of what I was passionate about. What would make me bleed if my veins were cut. Quite a bit of thinking and meditation. And TODAY, so much transpired. Thank you Alexis…I Love you so much. Watching you grow and develop into such a icon right before my eyes, has pulled me out of my comfort zone. One thing I do know GOD is in you no matter what and you can not change it. He will forever be there.

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