An Interview With Philippa Hanna

Philippa Hanna

We were very happy when Philippa Hanna agreed to do an interview with us because she really is one of our favourite artist’s and she’s also very busy so we’re honoured that she took time out to share a bit about herself with us and YOU too!

The life of a singer/musician is different all the time but we’re always interested in how artist’s spend their time; after all they’re human’s just like us.

How are you and how is your week going Philippa?

“I’m doing well thanks! I’m busy preparing for my upcoming tour, rehearsing and ticking all those logistical boxes. I’ve also been experimenting with some tasty winter recipes at home!”

We’re not sure about our reader’s, but we love food and we may just have to get Philippa to let us try some of her “tasty winter recipes”. Maybe we’ll get to try some when we go to one of her tour dates. ?

It’s nice to know that even though Philippa is a Christian artist, she still has time to just relax, cook and do normal things. It’s cool learning personal things about artist’s, it helps us relate to them and their music.

Can you tell us about your influences and how you got where you are today (having released a few albums and doing an 18 date tour plus more)?

“Well…I’m a female singer-songwriter born and raised in the North of England. I was raised in a musical but non-religious family and all I ever wanted to do was make it in the industry. After a bit of a mis-spent Youth, (full details in my book ‘More’) and with lots of unanswered questions about life I decided to give Christianity a try and it transformed me inside out. Jesus was the answer to all those questions. After that I picked up the guitar and started writing about my life and faith journey and now that’s what I do as a job! It’s amazing.”

It’s great to see how God is using your gifts since you’ve come to know Him as your personal Saviour. It’s clear to see that God had his hand on your life through-out your childhood, teen’s and adult life. We can imagine that you may not have known much about God and Christianity but it seems as though you was being prepared for a life of ministry by the gift’s of music and songwriting God placed in you and even the different struggles you had to face growing up which you now use to relate to young people going through similar things with your amazing song’s.

Sometimes we can think that when we give our lives to God everything will be rosey and perfect. Unfortunately that’s not how it works. We (Adam and Matt) have had our fair share of disappointment’s just through the running of but one thing we’ve learned is that we have to trust in God and follow His leading and be obedient to what He instructs us to do.

We’re sure you have also faced disappointment’s and challenge’s through-out your life and even your music ministry just like all of us.

Tell us how you managed to get through your challenges.

“It’s always hard when exciting doors close in your face. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s to trust that God has other doors waiting for you and He knows what He’s doing when He steers you away from those opportunities. I wouldn’t change anything.”

Sometimes the disappointment’s we face come as a shock. Especially when you’re all fired up and ready to serve God and do what you feel He has laid on your heart and then you’re faced with a MASSIVE challenge that seems impossible to get through. It’s then that you have to know for sure that it’s God that has called and appointed you because it’s that, that will give you the strength to push through the challenge and come through it victorious.

Can you share with our readers how you came to know that you had a call on your life to minister through music and also how you felt about it all?

“I always had this inner desire to share music with people and had a very uncomfortable sometimes scary feeling I’d end up on stage. I used to lie in bed picturing myself singing in front of lots of people and getting really nervous! I never thought I’d lose the fear but somehow I’ve gotten used to playing in public. After I made that decision to follow Jesus I just felt so inspired that the material came together. When I played the songs to some friends they were excited and the wheels went into motion!”

It’s great to hear how you came to discover yourself in Christ and how things with your music progressed so naturally.

After being in the Christian music industry for a few years now, can you tell us what you think of it and what changes you would make if it were in your power to do so?

“It’s wonderful to be so encouraged by people and have them embrace your story. That’s what I’ve experienced in the Christian arena. What frustrates me is the divide between secular and Christian. You so often hear ‘That’ll never work in the secular world’. But I would love to see the day when we can just share who we are, entertain and inspire each other in the same places regardless of what we believe. I suppose that’s a vision!”

That’s a powerful vision. Could you imagine if more Christian artist’s would share their light with their unsaved peer’s and use their gift’s to portray the Jesus we know (not the misconceived image of Jesus and the church that most unsaved people have) to them how much barrier’s that would break down and how many door’s it would leave to witness through their life styles, words and even more so, their music.

We were very saddened by the recent happenings in Haiti and were happy to be able to help through our local Church and what they’re doing to help.

Through getting to know more about you we learned that you recently visited Haiti which was a surprise to us. It’s always great to see artist’s that want to give back, especially to those who need it the most. Remember that when we give to the poor, we lend to God (Proverbs 19:17).

Philippa, please tell us more about what you were doing in Haiti and the organization you work with.

“I work with an organization called Compassion. Compassion is a child sponsorship organization connecting people like us with needy children in the poorest countries across the globe. It creates a unique relationship between you and a particular child who desperately needs help so they can benefit from the basic things we take for granted like medical care and education. I was out in Haiti to see the work that Compassion is doing there. They already have sponsorship for about 64,000 children.”

We can only imagine how devastating it must have been for you hearing the news and knowing that people you met and even grew to love were involved in the tremendous tragedy there. We read (via your Face Book page) that the hotel you stayed in during your visit there was destroyed too. That must have really brought things home.

“It’s so devastating. I just feel convicted that as a world united we have to do all we can. The UN have said this is one of the biggest disasters they’ve ever dealt with. An emergency aid donation can be made via I can guarantee that the money will be used well and will go to where it’s needed. I’m going to be using my upcoming tour as a means to raise awareness too.”

We want to encourage all of our readers to keep praying for Haiti. Not just there though, let us remember all of the other places in the world where people are suffering too. Let’s continue to lift up the third world countries in our prayer’s and those who are dying of starvation, disease and the various other things that are taking lives around the world.

Your latest album is doing really well and everywhere we go, people seem to be talking about “Philippa Hanna” and your music. A lot of the time artist’s album’s tell about where they’re at and what they’re going through however from the title of your latest album (“Taste”) alone it’s hard to come to a conclusion. What would you say “Taste” say’s about you and where you’re at?

“I think Work In progress, (which is the name of the tour)  probably best sums it all up. I’m not perfect and I still struggle with certain things. But the important thing is that life has never been better and I can see how living God’s way produces the best life! So I’m sticking with Him and thankfully He’s sticking with me. We’re all a work in Progress!”

Work in progress (W.I.P) is a powerful statement. A lot of the time we tend to think we have made it or because we are doing well and doors are being opened for us that we are far from sin and so close to God (living with our heads in the heaven’s) that we’ve got everything all together and that we’re the perfect Christian’s. We can say this much; Adam and Matt are a work in progress and God is continually moulding us and forming us into what He wants us to be.

The “W.I.P Tour” as it is becoming known is going to be great and we hope to make at least one of the concert dates and we encourage you to do the same.

Tell us about the vision for the tour and what you hope to achieve from doing it?

“I want to broaden the audience I’m reaching and I’m praying that it’s a really mixed bag. My heart is to reach people of differing or even no faith with a snapshot of my life. In sharing what’s happening with me, I pray that they’ll see something of God’s heart for them. The recent disaster in Haiti has become a focal point too. I’m praying that we can raise lots of money for the aid fund and get at least 200 children sponsored.”

WOW! 200 children sponsored, now that would be awesome. If you’ve been looking for a way to help the people of Haiti then you really should consider going to one of the concert’s.

The tour is spanning From Scotland to Cornwall so for most of us in the UK, we should be able to get to one of the concert’s. Check the events page to find details of the W.I.P tour dates and locations.

Usually artist’s have their favourite cities/towns to perform.

What is your most anticipated concert date?

“I can favouritize!! Is that even a word? Well, I am excited about Kensington Temple as I have a whole heap of friends coming and it’s a great venue. But also my home town of Sheffield on February 5th.”

Well, home is where the heart is. There’s always something about playing for your home crowd, as musicians ourselves we’ve experienced that. It’s a great feeling.

After having a great start to 2010 with continued positive reviews on your album “Taste and an 18 date tour that will take the UK by storm reaching cities and towns that never normally get good Christian concert’s we wanted to know if you had anything else up your sleeve that would keep us excited?

“More songs, and lots more shows! Watch out.”

Great. Looking forward to it all!

What can we expect from you in the next 5 years?

“I want to write high impact songs that carry an important message. Songs can make such a difference to a person at certain times in their life. If I can write songs which would help people to meet with God when they least expect it, that would be awesome!”

In closing, is there anything you’d like to say to fan’s and potential new fan’s reading this interview?

“I’m so pleased to be alive and doing what I do. God is good and life with Him is amazing. lots of love to you guys and thanks for being on the journey with me!”

It’s clear to see that Philippa Hanna is a young woman that loves music but loves the Lord even more. Keep a close eye on her and make sure you go out and buy her album, you will not be disappointed. Let’s continue on this journey with Philippa and her music.

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