Anonymous Worship Band OneNameOnly Make Jesus BIG!!!

Anonymous Worship Band OneNameOnly Make Jesus BIG!!!

‘Jesus’ is the debut album released by OneNameOnly – an anonymous songwriting collective formed of worshippers and worship leaders from churches across the UK who have come together around a passion to bring honour and recognition to One Name Only - the name of Jesus.

What started as a recording project in a studio in Kent in June 2010 developed through several phases of collaborative re-writes in churches, living rooms, and offices around the UK, finally coming together in 2012 as a debut album. The album was initially released in August 2012 to a smaller inner circle of those connected to the project. A wider release started with a US radio launch of the first single on 26th May 2013. Having been picked up by several stations in USA and Canada and having appeared on in May 2013 as featured as the artist of the month, the debut album is now in the primary stages of it’s first international release.

Over 50 worshippers and worship leaders feature on the recording, all of whom have taken the decision to remain anonymous. This is a collection of worship songs devoted to One Name Only.

The OneNameOnly team has emerged out of relationships that span several major church streams. As a result, the recording draws on a variety of musical influences from a rich diversity of worshipping communities. From Rock and Gospel flavours to sweeping choral arrangements and mellow acoustic moments, the range captured on this album reflects the breadth of the collaborative journey that brought it to life.

This is an album written for the glory of One Name Only and released for the worshipping life God’s whole Kingdom family in all their wonderful diversity.

‘Jesus’ is the second release from MPhatic Records, an independent London-based label whose work spans the secular and Christian music industries. Having worked with artists such as Fuse ODG, MPhatic is an exciting new grass roots label offering a fresh approach to a range of contemporary urban sounds.

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