Interview With Breakthrough Family Group Ashmont Hill

Ashmont Hill

We caught up with Philip Thompson, one quarter of Christian Pop Music Sensation, Ashmont Hill, to talk music, life on the road and sibling rivalry.

M-brio: Hello Sir, do you have a few minutes?

Philip Thompson (Ashmont Hill): Yes sir. Just in the middle of writing a song but I’ll take a break…how are ya?

M-brio: Good thanks, sorry to interrupt! Is that some new material for a new Ashmont Hill album?

PT: Yes sir. We are back in studio this fall to release our second album in early 2010. I’m so excited to share these new songs!!

M-brio: We can only imagine how that must feel! To have a song in your head, translate and decode it from there and get it down onto paper with it still intact must be an amazing thing! You wrote a lot on your last album, are you the main songwriter for the group?

PT: Yes, I am the main writer for the group. I do get excited about it because writing is creation!! It’s really cool to see something you’ve been breathing into for hours come to life! I really feel like I have grown so much as a writer since the 1st album… As a group we are just happy to be a part of a generation that is seeking God’s HEART!!

M-brio: WOW! That’s awesome, I can feel the passion you have coming through just from the way you speak about it.

M-brio: You’re all siblings, so tell me, what triggered the move into forming a group? And how did you all officially become Ashmont Hill?

PT: About 4 years ago our father was somewhere preaching at a revival in Pennsylvania. That day he told us to sing something before he spoke, so we prepared to sing ‘Your Name Is Jesus’ by Fred Hammond. That night was the 1st time we officially sang together as a group we felt something then and decided to pursue it.

M-brio: Your Father is Bishop Gideon Thompson so that would make you a P.K (Pastors kid) like us! How did it end up being just you four out of all your brothers and sisters being in the group?

PT: Well, I guess we are the four best singers in the Thompson clan!! LOL!! I guess it was just God because we were the ones he asked…

PT: All our other siblings are preachers so it definitely was God!

M-brio: Right! OK, so you guys toured with Natalie Grant, how was that? What was it like performing night after night and being on the road together?

PT: Being on the tour with Natalie Grant was really great!! It was so much fun. We enjoyed spending so much time together. There were times you get tired of each other but you have to get over it quickly! LOL! But it really was a great opportunity to expand our fan base as our first album was being set to release.

M-brio: Being on the road with any set of people can be stressful, let alone being with your siblings, we’re surprised you all got off that tour alive!

PT: LOL! We’re still alive!!

M-brio: So with the release of your first album what were your expectations?

PT: We had big expectations for out 1st album. Of course our management and marketing team kinda brought us back down to earth and told us the 1st album usually is a slow build… We’ve decided as a group not to worry about all those things and just stay focused on God’s will being done through us… We know, He’ll take care of all the expectations…

M-brio: So to see where it eventually reached must have been awesome?

PT: Definitely!! God really just continues to open doors for us!! We are really excited about taking things to another level though. Were ready to start singing in your neck of the woods!!!

M-brio: LOL! Well we may take you up on that one day! There are people in our “neck of the woods” that may not have heard of you or your music, how would you describe your style and what would you say separates you from other similar groups?

PT: I think our sound separates us….that’s why we don’t like being labelled too much. Our production separates from traditional Gospel music and our voices separate us from traditional CCM bands.

M-brio: That’s good… with the music world as it is, you need to have a sound or something special that makes you stand out! There is so much saturation that you could end up getting lost without being different, and not just different for the sake of being different, actually having something genuine and we think you guys have got it!

PT: I say all of that without bragging…. This is what we hear from others about our sound…

M-brio: Right, it’s true; everyone I speak to about your music agrees it is a breath of fresh air!

M-brio: OK before we wrap this up, we’ve see that you guys are massive supporters of World Vision, can you tell our audience about world vision and what you do with them?

PT: We’ve partnered with them to help them with their goal of reaching the world through more than just Jesus. If I was hungry I would want food before I listened to anyone tell me about anything! If I was cold I would want a jacket or a blanket first!! This is extremely important to us!!

PT: After I’m full and warm then you can slide a little Jesus in!! LOL!

M-brio: For real! That’s what Jesus was all about and that is what ministry is supposed to be about too! We are supposed to meet people at the point of their need; then give them Jesus.

PT: Amen. You’re preaching!!!

M-brio: LOL! Any final words?

PT: I really appreciate your help in broadening our ministry!!! I’m looking forward to packing my bags and heading over there and getting me a spot of tea!! LOL!

M-brio: Don’t forget the crumpets! LOL! You can’t have tea without them (according to most Americans anyway). But seriously, this is what we are here for, we want to spread the good news around the world and also help those already doing it!

M-brio: So when your new album comes out can we expect some exclusives??

PT: Thanks bro!! Yup!! I’m gonna hook you up with some exclusiveness!!! (Is that a word?)

M-brio: Great, we will definitely keep in touch and we look forward to some exclusiveness (it’s a word now) Thanks again. God Bless.

PT: Keep in touch. Peace.

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