Asian Rapper Da Sargeant Releases Bhangra Single ‘Yeshuve’

Da Sargeant

Da Sargeant, British Asian Christian rapper & Musician from East London has finally released his long-awaited single ‘Yeshuve (Bhangra Remix) following up an original released last December 2011.

The remix, which was released on 30th June 2012 features rappers and singers combining 5 different Indian languages (Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi & Telegu) as well as English that he has specifically gathered together that he may reach out to a wider audience back home in India!

‘Yeshuve’ simply means Jesus in Malayalam, a south Indian language. Da Sargeant himself comes from a Tamil background, but after a God given vision stepped in the gap as a role model for Malayalee youths as well as Indians in general. The original version of this song’s chorus was in Malayalam, and now this remix version’s chorus is in Punjabi hence why it was titled ‘Bhangra Remix’. This sole purpose of this remix is about one nation coming together for one name, its about creating unity and proclaiming the faith of these rappers and singers to the people back home who many have not heard of Christ or have not accepted Him yet.

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