Sibling Pop Rock Girl Band Barlow Girl Announce Retirement From Music

Sibling Pop Rock Girl Band Barlow Girl Announce Retirement From Music

Members of the female Christian Rock group Barlowgirl have announced that they will be retiring from their music careers after the release of their last song, ‘Hope Will Lead Us On,’ on 30th October 2012.

“They’re ready for a new season,” the band’s spokesperson told The Associated Press.

The three sisters, Alyssa, Lauren and Rebecca Barlow, said in a statement to the AP that they consider their music careers to be “one of the most incredible adventures.”

The trio will wrap up their careers 30th October, when they release their final song ‘Hope Will Lead Us On’. Additionally, they will hold a live online chat on 29th October with their fans and perform live acoustically.

Barlowgirl, the members of which hail from Chicago, Ill., released 4 number 1 singles, in 2005, the most popular being ‘I Need You To Love Me,’ which held the number one spot for thirteen consecutive weeks on the Christian Radio & Retail Weekly’s (CRW) Christian CHR chart.

Additionally, the band, which consists of piano, vocals, guitar, bass, and drums, sold over one million copies of their 2004 debut title album.

The band has also made a name for itself in the Christian community through their philanthropic and humanitarian efforts.

Members of Barlowgirl have played an active role in helping victims of Hurricane Katrina, which ravaged the Gulf Coast in 2005, by joining the efforts of fellow musicians U2, Kenny Chesney, and Switchfoot in a humanitarian campaign.

Other philanthropic work on behalf of the band includes their partnership with Mercy Ministries, which offers aid to women, and their 2009 pro-life campaign, Never Silence Life.

In a previous interview with, Lauren Barlow of Barlowgirl said she and her sisters always look to God for guidance.

“Don’t let the world define you. Find out who God is and you’ll be an amazing person.”

Read the girls statement which they posted on their website HERE!!!

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