Berry De Snoo ‘At The Snow’ Review

Berry De Snoo At The Snow Album Review

Berry De Snoo is a Dutch Worship Leader and the brainchild behind ‘At The Snow,’ the album project. De Snoo started working on 10 songs in Ede (Netherlands) with his friend Ruben Van Der Kooij, and Seattle (USA) based drummer Jesse Proctor to create a small, simple project which ultimately ended up being a big project including a full band, orchestra and gang vocals.

My first impression of ‘At The Snow’ came from ‘You Are Good,’ an organic song based heavily around the vast array of instruments.

‘Fool To Try’ got my attention with its quirky, cool melodic polyrhythms and cordial tones. “I’m such a fool to try, to walk when I’m meant to fly, so endless the road when you walk all by yourself,” was a source of inspiration to me that when I do things my way I limit myself (walking) but when I allow God to take control I can fly and reach my full potential. The shimmering string arrangements are breath-taking and when listening to this song I felt like I was in the room with them.

‘More Like You’ speaks of us becoming more like God but I love how Berry De Snoo has made it simple through the lyrics of this song to show us how to be more like God.

I love the sound of ‘More And More,’ acoustic sunshine in a song… The dancing drums that subtly sound similar to a Soca/Calypso back-beat rhythm fused with bright glistening banjo’s, a grooving bass line and the thick warm and bright strings were enough to get me nodding my head and tapping my foot. I wish it would have stayed with that vibe as I felt that the song lost its spark when the vibe changed.

This album is awesome sonically. The richness and detail of the instrumentation and organic sound really give the listener to feel of being in the room and hearing the instruments as they would naturally sound.

The same could be said for the vocals although at times unfelt that the vocals lacked atmosphere and could have done with a touch of reverb and delays in places just to give a sense of space.

Lyrically I found the album to be good but not much that really stood out. This could be because of a lack of lyrics… Most (if not all) of the songs had long instrumental breaks which left the songs feeling lyrically sparse although I did enjoy some of the instrumental breaks and the atmospheric vibe and build they created on the songs.

Overall it’s a good album, at times heard influences of The Rend Collective Experiment and also what sounded like a stripped down/unplugged Worship Central (subtly) in parts.

If organic music is your thing then you’ll enjoy this album. The strong instrumental nature of a lot of the songs can be a refreshing change to those who want something a little different to the usual song formats of modern music. That along with the quirky musical approach to the songs is enough for just about everyone to find something they like about this album.


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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