Beth Croft ‘Rule In My Heart’ Album Review

Beth Croft Rule In My Heart Album Review

Having had the privilege of meeting Beth Croft last year and having a conversation about faith, music, Soul Survivor and worship I learned many things about the Worship Central graduate.

Croft is passionate about worship, and worship being a creative expression of our love towards God which isn’t limited to genres and styles or even music but is a celebration of our individual identities (cultural, demographic and social) that influence the way we worship and becoming united in celebrating the different ways we worship and how that looks, sounds and feels.

When I heard of the release of ‘Rule In My Heart’ I assumed that it would be the typical live, Rock sounds that normally come from Soul Survivor, just fronted/led by Croft but the first song ‘Love Takes Over’ let me know that ‘Rule In Amy Heart’ was going to offer something different. You can’t go wrong with a “four to the floor” beat and simple (but effective), emotive piano chord phrasings. The dancing synths make you want to dance and the guitar top lines offer colour while the thumping drums give the song a drive and an energy that make this a perfect album opener. The contrast between smooth and soulful vocals in the verses to big harmonies belting out on the chorus give the song a great dynamic and the music follows suit providing a great balance of a song with a great message and a song that just sounds great and makes you want to dance. “When I find myself far from home… Still You love me with those open arms… I’ve known You close, and I’ve known You far… Still You waited… Cause You saw my heart…”  

“Rule in my heart forever, rule in my hear forever… Come and take Your place… Come and take Your place… Rule in my heart forever, high above any other… Come and take Your place… Come and take. Your rightful place” bellows out on ‘Rule In My Heart’ the album’s title track, which is a song of surrender, removing every thing that is dominating our hearts and seeking to have a God rule our hearts and lives and live submitted to Him.

‘Boldly I Approach’ covers the listener like the morning dew with a refreshing sense of peace and grace knowing that because of Jesus we have direct access to God even “when condemnation grips my heart and satan temps me to despair, I hear the voice that scatters fear, the Great I Am, the Lord is here…” This continues on ‘Arms Of Grace,’ a soft-synth-laden atmospheric and rhythmic offering speaking of the measure of God’s love which we can experience because of grace. No man can experience God’s ‘Arms Of Grace’ and stay the same and so ‘Purify’ is a prayer of purification and declares the transformation that comes from the presence of God… “Wash me white as snow, from the inside out, let Your grace replace my doubt…”

‘Hold On’ has a congregational sound. The simple melody allows the words to penetrate the heart and could be a great addition to church worship with its hymn-like melodic structure and contemporary production fusing generations and allowing the song to connect with all kings of people.

‘Make The World Dance’ is likely to do just that, or at least have listeners tapping their feet to beat… This song is beautifully and creatively written… From a top line synth that will have even the most tone deaf people singing along to the realization of the song… Croft’s vision is that God will make the world dance, not music… “Our hearts beat with the sound of Your mercy… Our souls sing of Your love everlasting, You set our hearts on fire…”

Beth Croft has done a fantastic job on ‘Rule In My Heart’. If you haven’t heard this album and think that this is just another Soul Survivor album or UK worship album; think again. Croft is creative both lyrically and musically but most importantly in connecting the heart of the listener with the heart of God.

‘Rule In My Heart’ truly takes the listener on a journey of reconnecting with God, taking away from everything that may have removed Him from pole position. ‘Rule In My Heart’ reminds us that it’s because of God’s matchless love and grace why we can ‘Boldy Approach’ Him and experience His ‘Arms Of Grace’ creating an environment that is conducive to repentance, realignment and to the presence of God. ‘Lectio Devina’ is a bit out of character for the project… Perhaps a little to experimental for some, while for others, cutting edge but even with that said, there is much to be gained from the content of this album, whether young or old, a new believer or a seasoned believer… ‘Rule In My Heart’ won’t cause God to kick down the doors of your heart and sit on the throne but if you really digest it, it will leave you wanting God to invade your heart and rule as Lord and King in your heart.

Track List:

  • Love Takes Over
  • Say The Word
  • Rule In My Heart
  • Boldly I Approach (The Art Of Celebration)
  • Arms Of Grace
  • Purify
  • Hold On
  • Make The World Dance
  • Kingdom Come (LIVE)
  • Lectio Devina


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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