Blaise Paisel ‘All I Was’ Review

All I Was

Blaise Paisel, the 5 piece indie/acoustic band are made up of Marc Giles (drums), Jacob Boulton (acoustic guitar), Rob Lyons (acoustic guitar) and Tom Hext (bass). Fronted by talented songwriter and vocalist Alie Richardson who we previously knew from her debut solo EP ‘Dreamers Dream|Lovers Live’ that although basic in it’s production showcased Alie’s amazing writing skills and her laid back and clear but with a natural rough around the edges voice.

‘All I Was’ is a 3 track EP which open’s with ‘Promised Me Meadows,’ an awesome song… We like this one so much we’ve played it on our radio show (UK FIYAH on Bonnerfide Radio) a couple of times. On first listen it sounds like this is going to be a heartfelt, quiet rendition and then out of the blue comes a big creshendo of music, energetic drums, jumping guitar lines and a sense of being drawn into the music.

‘Just Like That’ an acoustic, atmospheric and intimate sounding song that shows the musicality and maturity of the band by how they support Alie’s vocals with subtle musical nuances all while building up to the high point of the song.

‘Threadbare’ start’s off in a similar way to the previous songs, soft and simple and glides along with a glassy shimmer from the acoustic picking on the guitars. The lyric’s on this song really get you thinking and showcase Alie’s ability to use words creatively “With my passions threadbare, i sit and stare, and smile watching emotions dry and emotions die…”

Blaise Paisel are a Christian band in that all the members are Christian. However; not all their songs are what you would call classic ‘Christian’ songs.  Alie (who writes the lyrics) has made a habit of using regular words to say ‘Christian’ things.

While we listen to pretty much every style of music; ‘All I Was’ isn’t the kind of music you’d find at the top of our iTunes playlist. However; there’s a strange pull to the unplugged, raw and organic nature of the music (which is rare in the world we live in today, saturated with over processed music and auto-tuned vocals) and although it may not be at the top of our list it will in there… If you’re a fan of indie, acoustic, folk styled music then this is definitely worth a purchase.

As a band they hope to showcase an earthy, authentic and natural sound and if ‘All I Was’ is anything to go bye; the young 5-piece have definitely achieved that.


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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