Brandon Heath ‘Blue Mountain’ Review

Brandon Heath Blue Mountain Album Review

I’m still relatively new to Brandon Heath’s music… My first introduction to him was through the ‘Leaving Eden’ album which one I loved, especially from a production point of view… One thing I’ve loved about Brandon Heath’s music so far has been his ability to tell a story and connect with the listener…

Hearing more of a Pop/CCM sound on ‘Leaving Eden’ I was surprised to hear a more Country sounding song as ‘Blue Mountain’s’ opener, ‘The Harvester’. I was happy to hear Heath’s rich, texturized tone, which was instantly recognizable.

‘Jesus In Disguise’ is an intruiging title and one that tells a powerful story speaking of the varying things that we experience in life where can often wonder where Jesus is in all of it, only to realize that He was there all along, we just didn’t realize it… “Jesus in disguise, Jehovah passing by, the burden of a tear hanging in your eyes. Jesus in disguise a scar across the sky, you were looking for a King, you were never recognized…” This song blended Country and Pop effortlessly with Country melodies and a hard hitting programmed beat.

From the first time I heard the title of this album I wondered what ‘Blue Mountain’ was a metaphor for… The harmonious, laid back title track created a picture through the story-telling lyrics. ‘Blue Mountain’ seems to be a form of Paradise… “Where the earth and heaven meet.”

‘Paul Brown Petty’ is a beautifully stripped back song coloured by heart warming atmospheric subtleties and melodic variances. This song literally tells the story of Paul Brown Petty, who we learn (through listening to the song) is actually Heath’s Grandad. After hearing this song I felt like I knew Paul Brown Petty and the great man he was… A beautiful tribute to a Heath’s Grandad and a song that will have you reminiscing about any loved one who is passed away and profoundly impacted your life.

‘Dyin’ Day’ took a few listens for me to full grasp… This song could easily be a song for a film where someone is on death row about to be killed… However I heard the story of a sinner just like me and story of a merciful God that made me “an innocent man.”

I love ‘Hands Of The Healer,’ an authentic Country song, harmonies, guitar slides and bamboo stick hit sounding drums… The chorus is a message in itself and if nothing else grabs you about the song, the chorus will… “If we’re gonna pray about it, there’s no use in worrying. If we’re gonna worry about it, why are we praying?”

‘Blue Mountain’ is a very interesting album. Heath’s ability to tell a story through song and captivate you allowing you to listen and experience the songs from 1st, 2nd and 3rd person perspectives which is amazing.

Earlier I said this sounded like a Country album and it is just that which hints of Pop and references to Soft Rock but don’t let the title “Country” fool you (if you’re not into that music)… This is quite possibly the coolest Country music I’ve heard.

From the instrumentation and how the music fuses elements of different genres to the lyrical depth and character and Brandon Heath’s rich, voice which he is able to manipulate so well to suit the style of each song.

While ‘Blue Mountain’ isn’t the style of music I would normally go for I was pleasantly surprised by it and found a lot of songs that resonated with me.

Track Listing:

  • The Harvester
  • Jesus In Disguise
  • Blue Mountain
  • Diamond
  • Love Will Be Enough For Us
  • Pride (Won’t Get Us Where We’re Going)
  • Paul Brown Petty
  • In The Dust
  • Dyin’ Day
  • Hands Of The Healer
  • He Paid It All
  • Love Does


Reviewed By Matt Brooks 

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