Brenton Brown ‘God My Rock’ Review

Brenton Brown 'God My Rock' Review

Renowned modern worship songwriter/artist Brenton Brown will releases his fourth full-length album, ‘God My Rock,’ on 2nd October. The album features new songs and fresh interpretations of many Brenton Brown classics and was recorded live with his band The Worship Republic, Daniel Ornellas (Bass), Ben Showalter (drums) and Scotty Murray (Guitar).

As the first song started a smile beamed across my face as I heard one of my favourite Brenton Brown song start to play… ‘Our God Is Mercy’. This song is so melodious and has one of those melodies that could make a bad day that little bit easier to cope with. I love the chorus, which never fails to encourage and inspire me… “Our God is mercy, our God is mercy, if your heart is heavy, if your soul is thirsty, there is a refuge, a home for the lonely, our God is near…”

I’ve finally found a version of ‘Joyful’ that doesn’t make me think of Sister Act. I love that version but Brenton Brown has stayed true to the melody while adding a fresh take on a classic that refreshed me in a way that can only be likened to standing under a waterfall on a hot day.

The title track ‘God My Rock’ gave me a simple but powerful reminder that God is my rock and the chorus became more than just lyrics but a declaration for my life… “You are the strength of my heart, You are the strength of my heart, I can rely on You, I can rely on You. You are the joy of my life, you are my song in the night, there is no one as true, Jesus I trust in You.”

‘Jesus My Victory’ is a song I came to love after hearing it on Travis Ryan’s ‘Fearless’ album… The lyrics really help me visualize what Jesus did on the Cross, not only literally but a fuller meaning of what His sacrifice of love really means. A powerful song that keeps me focused on the Cross.

There’s something about me and melodies… I’m a musician but whenever I hear a great melody with great lyrics that does more for me than the music… “Glorious, my eyes have seen the glory of the Lord. Glorious, He stands above the rulers of the earth.” ‘Glorious’ is a congregational song, simple and effective with a great melody and a strong musical arrangement which at times resembles something Kings Of Leon would create.

My favourite Brenton Brown song is ‘Everlasting God’ which is a worship anthem that has been sung in churches large and small, of many denominations and cultures. The way he blended this timeless classic with ‘How He Loves Us’ made for a great worship medley reminding us that God won’t faint or grow weary and that He loves us.

‘God My Rock’ turned out to be a much better album than I originally anticipated. After hearing Brenton Brown live, I definitely prefer his live music. ‘God My Rock’ flowed effortlessly and I enjoyed every song. The album seemed to go round really fast and felt really short to the point where I had to check and see if I had all of the tracks… There are so many timeless classics and new favourites on ‘God My Rock’ that whenever I listened, time seemed to stand still because I was enjoying it so much.

The live approach leaves all of the bells and whistles of production in the studio and allows each song to breathe and be expressed dynamically and organically while captured the heart of worship from the stage and the pews.

The Worship Republic shine on this album with tight, effective and well thought out arrangements and musicality enhancing rhythms and melodies.

If you’re a Brenton Brown fan, you’ll be in your element listening to ‘God My Rock’ as he intermingles classics with new songs and new arrangements and the message of love, hope, faith and confidence in our God. If you’re new to Brenton Brown it’s quite possible that you’ll hear songs you didn’t know he wrote but I’m almost certain that whatever your taste/style of music you’ll hear the heart of a worshipper.

Track List:

  • Our God Is Mercy
  • Joyful
  • God My Rock
  • Jesus Take All Of Me (Just As I Am
  • Send Us Out
  • Wonderful Redeemer
  • Jesus My Victory (Communion Song)
  • Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)
  • Word Of God
  • Humble King
  • Glorious
  • Like The Angels
  • I Saw The Light
  • Everlasting God/How He Loves


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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