Broken ChainZ ‘Sound Of War, Cry Of Freedom’ Review

Broken Chainz Sound Of War Cry Of Freedom

‘Sound Of War, Cry Of Freedom’ is the album from Stadium Rock/Gospel band Broken ChainZ… You don’t normally see those two styles mixed together so this album should be an interesting journey.

‘Freedom Cry’ is the kind of song that will make you throw your fist in the air (cue fist pump). This song fuses so many elements of popular music genres. Big, thick sounding guitars, auto-tune and ‘Gospel’ styled chord progressions and arrangements and more without sounding chaotic… In fact the result is amazing.

I love the concept of ‘Broken Glass’. I could really relate to this song and the feeling of being broken and in need of repair. There’s something powerful about the 4 words “Put me back together.”

‘Come Into The Light,’ ‘At The Cross’ and ’Cross Anthem’ and provide my favourite section of the album.

I love ‘Come Into The Light’ from the complex time signature changes to the in your face chorus, “Come into the light, come into light, cuz Jesus is the light, Jesus is the light. Run into the light, run into the light, cuz Jesus is the light, Jesus is the light,” the addition of a rap and the showmanship of the musicians, especially the drummer… Drummers will LOVE this song.

‘At The Cross’ is a cover the timeless Hymn… Naomi is singing the lead on this one and her tone and approach to the melody left me speechless (or should I say sing-less)… I think this is my favourite version of the Hymn by far…

‘Cross Anthem’ slaps you in the face coming directly out of ‘At The Cross’ at 150mph… Truck loads of energy contrasted by a laid back vocal approach that softened up the song and added enough colour and melody to bring the song to life.

‘Merciful God’ really takes shift from what you could argue is the sound of this album. Driven by an acoustic guitar strumming a simple chord pattern. It builds to be a beautiful song that I could hear sung in churches in praise and worship. This song is so simple lyrically but at the same time it work so well and I can’t stop singing it… It almost has a similar vibe to ‘Chasing After You’ by Tye Tribbett & G.A and I love it!

‘Forever’ is another song for the church. I especially love the chorus “And I will bless You Lord at all times, and I will praise your name forever.” I love how this song and ‘Merciful God’ break up the album and refresh the ears from rock infused songs that make up the majority of the album.

I’ve been a fan of Broken ChainZ for a while now. The first song I heard from them was the ‘Freedom Cry’ single a few years back and I was hooked from then on. I eagerly anticipated ‘Sound Of War, Cry Of Freedom’ hoping that it would be an extension of the sound I heard on ‘Freedom Cry,’ a unique blend of contemporary Gospel music seamlessly blended with Stadium Rock… Not the kind of music you hear every day but a kind of music I enjoyed. The album didn’t disappoint and I was pleased to hear that it wasn’t just in your face, hard hitting music but also has some more laid back songs that take you to a place of worship. I really enjoyed the listening experience and the surprises I encountered while listening to it although some of the musical sections are really extreme and could lose a lot of listeners. It does sound like the sound of a band who’s chains have been broken and are unleashing everything at once. With that said though, if your Pop/CCM lover there’s a few tracks you’ll like, but if you’re anything like me and love your hard-hitting rock and contemporary Gospel (and everything in-between) sounds you’ll LOVE IT.

Track Listing:

  • Freedom Speech
  • Freedom Cry
  • Musicians Cry
  • Broken Glass
  • Come Into The Light
  • At The Cross
  • Cross Anthem
  • We Are The Chosen
  • Merciful God
  • Forever
  • Question
  • Question Instrumental


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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