Chaos Curb ‘Collaboration’ Review

Chaos Curb Collaboration Album Review

Chaos Curb are a group made up of members of different bands who all have different sounds making this an interesting combination of talent and styles. This music project has brought together the talents of musicians from bands such as Delirious?, [dweeb], Verra Cruz, BOSH, The Burn Band and individuals such as Paul Oakley and David Evans.

‘Our Energy’ is the first track and to my surprise presented a funky rock sound. This is contrasted by a more traditional vocal melody which is easy to catch I could easily hear it in a church setting. I live the lyrics “You fill the universe and animate each atom…”

‘Breathing’ brought a fresh sound with the introduction of a female voice. The song is spacious to begin with but builds up to become a rock-fuelled worship song sparking a desire to breathe God in and breathe Him out and open ourselves up to be consumed by Him.

‘Blow My Mind’ blew my mind… I did not expect to hear this on a track… The Michael Jackson-esq drum groove, grooving bass pattern and guitars filling in the spaces contributed to a track with great feel and a deep pocket… I love the chorus “How do you blow my mind so much… How do you blow my mind?”

I love the spacious, open and laidback approach of ‘There Is Healing’…  Speaking of a healing that isn’t just physical but emotional and spiritual I think people will be ministered to by this song and the statement “I’m leaving it all behind…” Leaving the troubles, pain and burdens of the past so we can move on to what God has for us… Powerful message.

I’m not sure what category this album falls under but I’d describe it as Experimental Rock, Worship, Funk, Pop with a dash of Electro… This is definitely unlike anything I’ve ever heard before… The passion in the lyrics and the intensity and diversity of the music make for a unique album that will have your head nodding to the groovy beats while at the same time offering lyrics and concepts that will challenge, inspire and lead us into worship.


Reviewed By Matt Brooks 

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    M-Brio NewsFlash: Chaos Curb ‘Collaboration’ Review #Reviews #Album #BOSH

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    M-Brio NewsFlash: Chaos Curb ‘Collaboration’ Review #Reviews #Album #BOSH #Chaos #ChaosCurb

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