Chris Lawson | ‘Lights Of Day’ | Music For The Club | Lyrics For The Sanctuary

Chris Lawson | Lights Of Day | Music For The Club | Lyrics For The Sanctuary

Chris Lawson is a 21st century worship leader, who is relevant and understands the language of the current generation and the humongous place music plays in contemporary culture.

When describing the type of music that he makes, Lawson says that he writes “worship songs that were written with the church on my heart… and Lady Gaga on my mind.”

Seeing immorality and occult symbolism dominate popular music, Lawson has set out to create music that appeals to young people with a message that clearly points to God.

“There needs to be a new album of worship songs, aimed at glorifying Jesus and proclaiming His Gospel, but set to the heavy drum and synth sounds of today’s Pop songs,’ Lawson explains.

“These Pop/worship anthems could be sung in the midst of Believers across the world so that every ear on earth might hear the sounds of Light and Life in the midst of the darkness and death that is promoted in media.”

It’s this thought that lead to the creation of Lights Of Day,’ an 11 track Pop Worship album created with “megapop” producer Jordan Sapp.”

“I am very proud of the sonic fusion (so to speak) that has been created. Imagine the sounds of Hillsong United meeting Lady Gaga… Chris Tomlin meeting LMFAO… David Crowder*Band meeting Taio Cruz. The music is tailored for a dance club… the lyrics are tailored for a sanctuary.”

Lawson has created music with a mission and breaking down the stereotype that engaging worship music has to come in the form of Soft Rock/guitar music but that true worship comes from the heart, “… For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of,” (Luke 6:45) and not a genre of music.

3 songs from the ‘Lights Of Day’ album are available as a FREE DOWNLOAD and give a taste of what the album sounds like.


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