Christ-centric Artist Gwazai Invites Listeners To ‘Come Home’

Christ-centric Artist Gwazai Invites Listeners To Come Home

Premier Gospel Unsigned Competition winner 2012, Gwazai is passionate about using his gift to encourage others of the love he has found in God.

“Christ-centric, eccentric, crazy, passionate, and emotional” is how Gwazai describes his music. The voice of his tears and the melodies of his laughter combine to create a fresh and inclusive sound – both musically and lyrically. This 25 year old Zimbabwean, Londoner is a kaleidoscope of colour and light bringing a fresh vibe to UK Gospel music consistently communicating a message of Christ’s love, Christ’s hope and Christ’s freedom.

Gwazai discovered his gift in his mother’s kitchen,

“I stumbled upon my gift of singing whilst washing the dishes after dinner when I was 11 years old.” His love for all things music began to blossom from there. 14 years and many musical experiences and achievements later, Gwazai is stepping out to establish himself as an artist in his own right.

Winning the Premier Unsigned competition in 2012 has given Gwazai the confidence to introduce his gift to the world. As such Gwazai has released a live acoustic video of his first single entitled ‘Come Home’ which is taken from his debut EP release ‘Altar Ego’.

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