Christ For The Nations ‘Uncreated One’ Review

Christ For The Nations 'Uncreated One' Review

I had never heard a Christ For The Nations album before but with the likes of Nicole C. Mullen, Kari Jobe and Tommy Walker all coming through/being a part of the School of worship it’s safe to say that my expectations were high. ‘Uncreated One’ is the 38th live recording from the Christ For The Nations camp who have been impacting the world with worship for decades.

‘Deep Cries Out’ is the first track on the album. It’s very melodic and easy to catch and has everything needed to be a great congregational song.

‘Nowhere Better’ has a bit more of an edge with Dance/Electro synth sounds combined with rock guitars and atmospheric pads and the chorus stuck with me… “There’s nowhere better than Your presence God, there’s no place I’d rather be…”

‘Great I Am’ brought the tempo down and allowed for a time of stillness and characterized lyrics that tie worship with social action and impacting the world with love… “Wanna be near, near to Your heart, loving the world, hating the dark, wanna see dry bones living again, singing as one…”

“You are exalted, You are exalted, we life You high, we glorify…” has been a refrain that has stuck with me and is a fresh song of admiration and praise of God looking at what He’s done for us and who He is. ‘You Are Exalted’ really shines on the vamp. While I enjoyed the rest of the song, I could feel the electricity in that part and wish it would have carried on longer.

‘Uncreated One’ is the album title track and expresses the heart of this album… Worship of a Sovereign God, humbling ourselves to know that God is all powerful and our worship should come from our hearts.

‘Falling Back In Love Again’ has a youthfulness about it. It’s energetic, vibrant and melodic and makes easy listening.

‘Uncreated One’ has many songs that will find themselves at home in churches who favour the Rock/Pop influenced worship sound. However I found it hard to get into the album… It doesn’t seem to push any boundaries and sounds really clean and polished. It was easy for the whole album to pass me by without it grabbing me or pulling me in. For me it felt very safe and middle of the road and while I enjoyed many of the songs I heard I don’t think ‘Uncreated One’ is a strong as a lot of other releases that have come out and have brought me some of my new favourite songs.

Track List:

  • Deep Cries Out
  • Nowhere Better
  • Great I Am
  • Deeper Places/Lord I Want to Know You More
  • Let Us Remember
  • God I Look To You
  • You Are Exalted
  • Show Me Your Ways
  • Uncreated One
  • Falling Back In Love Again
Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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