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Dalet... Innovating & Exploring The Woods

A keen instrumentalist from the age of 10, David ‘Dalet’ Nwator honed his musical abilities over the years against a complex backdrop of faith, academia and the complexities of life as a second-generation British-Nigerian. Having moved homes with his family four times since he first saw the light of day in 1989, Dalet was finally able to plant his roots in the suburb of Firswood in Old Trafford and it was here he discovered his love for digital audio workstations and creating electronic music.

Today, Nwator goes by the (stage) name Dalet and released a FREE album project titled ‘The Woods’ on 1st November 2014. “Dark, gloomy, eerie, thoughtful, swirling mists, nocturnal, thrilling” are all words used to describe this project but guitar-laden songs depict the love Dalet has for his guitar and the thud, sizzle and crack of the electronically-programmed drums and synths belie a common affection for Hip Hop which forms the foundation of the 9-track offering ‘The Woods’.

Dalet’s musical mission is as juxtaposed between commonality and originality as can be: “to feel & believe deeply and pass on the juice to others.”

Collaborating with similar souls like Lumi HD & Ideal among others, Dalet welcomes listeners into his own world in which lies are forbidden, expression encouraged & all are urged to shed old skin for the new. Inching towards intimacy with every song, his hope is that this world of his own creation is big enough to house all who feel & hear the common thread of life in a broken world and yet feel the call to a hope beyond it.


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