Damita Haddon Releases New Album ‘Anticipation’

Damita Haddon

Tyscot Music & Entertainment are excited to announce the release of Damita Haddon’s new project ‘Anticipation’. The wait is over and now fans of Damita’s music can play it 24/7 and share it with family and friends.

‘Anticipation’ features many strong songs such as Won’t Turn Back’ ‘Be Revealed,’ ‘You’re Amazing God,’ ‘SuperShero’ and ‘Praise You Now’.

All of the songs are special to Damita, but the song most dear to her heart is ‘SuperShero’ which contains uplifting lyrics describing women who have overcome many obstacles in life with God’s strength and power. Written by Damita, the song is also dedicated to her late mother, Ruby Bass, and other women who have impacted her life in major way.

Through it all, Damita’s goal is to be a mouthpiece for God and reach everyone she can with her music.

Just like Damita’s journey through life, ‘Anticipation’ reflects the true meaning of waiting on God and remaining in his presence.

So, to all those who love Damita and her music, the wait is over and the time is now to purchase the new project ‘Anticipation’ on Tyscot Music & Entertainment.

Also available on iTunes, is ‘The Anticipation Digital Deluxe Edition’ which contains 15 tracks and 1 video,’No Looking Back,’ which has received close to 1 million views on Youtube.

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