Dana Hemphill Finds Redemption & Releases ‘I Will Declare’

Dana Hemphill Finds Redemption & Releases I Will Declare

When Dana Hemphill began the process of recording ‘I Will Declare,’ she chose songs like the lead single, ‘My Offering,’ the track ‘I Still Believe’ written by Myron Butler and ‘I Shall Not Die,’ because they explained various pieces of her journey. Every song written could definitely be theme songs woven into various chapters of her life.

Dana is no stranger to the word transition and being a preacher’s kid, from Wichita, Kansas, her testimony speaks volumes of what she sings and declares through her music today.

Yes, it’s true, this worshiper and now pastor’s wife, once turned her back on God and sought out love in other areas, but today, she sings no sad songs and rejoices in the fact of God pulling her through it all.

“Being a preacher’s kid while growing up in the church definitely gave me the foundation I would soon need in hopes of grace. The fact of losing my father by death at the age of 10 affected me more than what I expected. I found myself searching for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. At the age of 15, I would say was the turning point for what some would call the “rebellious stage.”

“I hit rock bottom, I knew right from wrong, I was a preacher’s kid for God’s sake and I was expected to live at a higher standard. By this time I was associated with a local gang, dabbling with selling drugs and living a lifestyle that was contrary to what my upbringing was. I found myself pregnant at the age of 16 years old and later miscarried the baby. This was a very difficult time for me and I felt there was nothing worth living for anymore. Yes, I was taught better than this and suicide became my only option, so I thought the enemy had my mind all mixed up.”

“Major depression took the forefront in my life. During this time, I also dropped out of high school for a year and returned my senior year and graduated by attending night school. My experiences pressed me to call on God. I had no choice but to call on God! I had to seek God’s face and ask for his forgiveness. It was from this that I accepted Christ as my saviour.”

“I’m thankful that God brought me through that Transition. After all the hurt and shame I can stand flat footed and say that ‘I Still Believe’. It was God that brought me through it all. In order to produce the anointing in our lives we must go through the storms of life to be able to declare who God really is. I know him much better now.”

This is just the beginning for Dana Hemphill as she continues to boldly declare who God is in her life through music and ministry.

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