Darlene Zschech ‘Revealing Jesus’ Review

Darlene Zschech Revealing Jesus Review

World-renowned worship leader and best-selling author Darlene Zschech will release her long-awaited ‘Revealing Jesus’ live worship CD/DVD from RGM-NEW BREED Music/Integrity Music and Bethany House Publishers respectively on 12th March 2013.

Known globally for her work with HillsongZschech is one of the most respected worship leaders and songwriters of modern worship and to some extent I thought I knew what I was going to hear when I started listening to ‘Revealing Jesus’… Well, it’s safe to say that I was wrong. In fact, when I started listening to ‘Revealing Jesus’ and the first song started to build I immediately checked to see if I was listening to the right album as the sound I heard was not the sound I expected to hear.

‘God Is Here’ has a strong Folk feel with undertones of Gaelic music (especially with the chants, marching drum pattern and bells) and has a strong Pop/Rock drive which keeps its momentum in the full throttle chorus, the verses and in the engaging congregational “Oh’s”… ‘God Is Here’ calls out for more of God and for Him to be revealed in our lives and in our world…

‘In Jesus Name’ commanded my attention with the pounding drum introduction which gave a sense of power and intensity while the verse reminds us that “God is fighting for us, God is on our side, He has overcome, yes He has overcome…” to a grooving beat and staccato, Reggae like guitars in contrast to the open Rock chorus.

‘Victor’s Crown’ reminds us that Jesus has “overcome the grave…” And that He is “the hope of all the world…” While listening to the vamp “Every high thing must come down, every stronghold shall be broken, You wear the ‘Victor’s Crown, You overcome, You overcome…” I could only imagine Jesus rising from the grave with power and glory, breaking the chains and healing the wounds of His children in complete victory over the enemy.

‘Yours Forever’ features Kari Jobe and her mellifluous, euphoric tone, on a song of abandonment to God and being His forever. The harmonic blend of the bass, guitars and atmospheric sounds create a groove that is easy to lock in to and be consumed by worship and reflect on the message of the song, “He took my place, He took the fall, He took the nails, that I may love forever, love forever… You rose again, You made a way, You broke the chains, now I’m Yours forever, I’m Yours forever…”

The unusual progressions and notation choices on ‘Your Name/Cry Of The Broken’ immediately caught my attention. This a beautiful melodious anthem and has a “stadium worship” feel that I could imagine hearing tens of thousands of people sing as a declaration of the power of Jesus’ name. “Your name, is a strong and mighty tower, Your name, is a shelter like no other, Your name, let the nation sing it louder, cause nothing has the power to save, but Your name…”

Michael W. Smith joins Zschech on ‘I Am Yours,’ a song from the heart which see’s the 2 singers voices contrast perfectly… While the song talks of us belong to God it also thrusts and heaps praise onto God in the realization of who He is.

‘Revealing Jesus’ is a stand out album and establishes a new sound and identity for Zschech. For me I think this is great and Israel Houghton (producer) has done a great job of distinguishing Zschech and not letting ‘Revealing Jesus’ just sound like a Hillsong album.

At times there’s the energetic bounce similar to that of Rend Collective Experiment with a kaleidoscope of melodic sounds and a youthful energy that establishes an atmosphere of freedom and a feeling of being open to something new, glistening with beautiful songs of worship that place the emphasis on Jesus and His role in our lives and the world at large.

Track List:

  • God Is Here
  • Best For Me
  • All That We Are
  • In Jesus’ Name
  • Your Presence Is Heaven
  • Victor’s Crown
  • Yours Forever Feat. Kari Jobe
  • Magnificent
  • My Jesus I Love Thee
  • Your Name/Cry Of The Broken
  • I Am Yours Feat. Michael W. Smith
  • Jesus At The Center


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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