Desperation Band To Release Student Targeted Live Album ‘BANNER’

Desperation Band To Release Student Targeted Live Album BANNER

Modern worship’s Desperation Band formed in 2001 as the youth worship band at Colorado Springs-based New Life Church, is led by worship pastor Jon Egan and is known around the globe for songs like ‘I Am Free,’ ‘Overcome,’ ‘Yahweh’ and ‘Strong God’.

Desperation Band are preparing to release their anticipated, all-new live recording, ‘BANNER,’ on 30th September on Integrity Music.

Never losing sight of the limitless potential of students to impact their world for Christ, ‘BANNER’ was recorded during the July 2014 Desperation Conference and captures the spirit and energy of youth at worship while firmly establishing for all who listen that we share a deep-rooted history. The God of ages past is alive and well and moving mightily among people who are desperately committed to Him.

‘BANNER’ waves as a testament to the youth conference that became a movement, a return to the core of Desperation itself. “We felt like it was time to get back to our roots, to create a soundtrack for the beautiful, compelling things God has been doing here,” Egan says.

Written specifically with students in mind, ‘BANNER’ plants its flag in historical soil. “We want to make sure we’re singing songs that help young people understand they are in a moment of time but that the church has existed for thousands of years,” Egan explains. “We want to place an emphasis on history, returning to the sacred call to worship…It’s so important for them to understand they are part of a deep-rooted history of Christians who have survived. We love doing new songs, but we are very careful that we are not developing new ideas but celebrating the ideas that have always been true.”

Sonically, the undercurrent of ‘BANNER’ is as deliberately bold as the lyrical content of the record. “Because we’re aiming for the younger generation, and because we’re all evolving musically and inspired by different music,” Egan says. “We want to inspire those who come after us. We want to lead and be pioneers and be bold in that. We’ve got a little more security now, and we have nothing to prove, and in that we have the freedom to take some risks.”

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