Divine Divine ‘Edge Street’ Review

Divine Divine Edge Street Album Review

Divine Divine have been dubbed as the UK’s number 1 Gospel group. After being formed through a Gospel talent competition approximately a year ago I was looking forward to hearing their debut album ‘Edge Street’ and seeing what their presence will add to the UK Gospel scene.

Being familiar with 2/4 of Divine Divine already, having heard Neresa Maye live and enjoying David B’s solo material and loving their voices and approach to music I had high expectations for ‘Edge Street’.

‘Conqueror’ kicks off the project and is a radio friendly Urban Pop offering that could easily fit in with the music that’s out there although with 1 fundamental difference… These guys can really sing. The way they harmonise and blend with each other brings so much colour and presence to the song and keeps your attention throughout which is the benefit of having 4 singers and not just 1.

‘Don’t Worry About Me’ bears an uncanny resemblance to Victizzle’s ‘On My Level‘. This song took on an auto-tune sing/rap style and features MOBO Award winner (with G-Force) Utter Once who brings his signature sound to the song.

‘Marching On’ had the potential to be an anthem… The melody and rhythmic swing got my head nodding. I felt that the production on this track was too light and was lacking in the lower register. A PHAT, thumping bass drum and thick, layered mid-range would have made all of the difference and made a nice track an absolute smash.

I was happy to hear the introduction of some Drum N’ Bass on ‘Take Me Higher’. Something that will appeal to a totally different audience to your average Gospel group and also represents a UK sound that is distinct and will set Divine Divine apart from other groups.

‘You Are’ is another head-nodder… Very urban sounding and ironically, Edgy too, and will probably be a song people turn to for a good dance.

‘Edge Street’ is definitely an album with an edge… Not doing the typical Contemporary Gospel style you’d expect from a Gospel group; they’ve adopted an Urban Pop sound that has elements of UK Urban/Rap music. Winning a talent competition and representing “the best” singers in the country I was disappointed that their vocals didn’t really get to shine on the album and were masked behind effects and the current chart favourite… Auto-tune.

I enjoyed listening to ‘Edge Street’ and really enjoyed ‘Conqueror’ which is my stand out song. At only 8 songs long, ‘Edge Street’ feels more like an EP than it does an album but there was still enough for me to get a good idea of what Divine Divine have to offer. Hearing how the 4 voices of David B, Neresa Maye, Lawrence Rowe and Nadine Ceaser blend and compliment each other was exciting to hear and showed that although they’re new to the scene (as a group) they have what it takes to be around for a long time.

Musically, ‘Edge Street’ could have done with more mature sounding production and more melodious tracks that allowed their voices to shine and would also be timeless. In 5 years time, I’m not sure people will be praising ‘Edge Street’ from a writing, or production point of view. However, all of the ingredients needed to be a powerhouse Gospel group that could impact the UK (and abroad) in the foreseeable future are there and hopefully as time goes by they will produce songs and music that will resonate in our hearts and cement themselves as UK Gospel favourites.

Track Listing:

  • Conqueror
  • Don’t Worry About Me
  • I Just Wanna Say
  • Marching On
  • Take Me Higher
  • Till We Meet Again
  • You Are
  • You’ve Got To Stop


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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