Divine Impact ‘The Take Off’ EP Review

Divine Impact The Take Off

On hearing the intro I was excited about what I was going to hear. Soulful grooves and smooth chords got my head nodding and the musicality of the simple guitar melody left to me wanting this to be a song, not just an intro. William Adoasi’s quality of tone shone through too altogether giving me hope that this could be an amazing musical project.

‘Be Still’ has a nice introduction with elements of Jazz Fusion in it. However the song itself is simplistic and is the kind of song I could hear being sung in an energetic praise and worship session… However I was left a bit baffled by some of the arrangements and instrumentation that I didn’t think complimented the song.

I love the laid back and soulful sound of ‘I Need You’ which makes a nice change to the usual Urban/Pop sound or just straight up CCM style that is so popular In Christian music these days. The vocal arrangements and harmonies on this song make this song and William Adoasi’s voice really shines on this one.

‘Holy’ is without a doubt THE track on ‘The Take Off’ EP! Musically it’s the strongest and sounds most complete. From the subtle bass nuances to the way the piano acts like a bed on which the vocal melody can rest comfortably on to the way the use of dynamics help build the song and keep it interesting.

“There’s a burning fire from deep within and my one desire is to reverence the King. I give all I am away to worship you alone” are lyrics that really resonated with me and so do the rest of the lyrics in the song drawing me to a place of worship to a Holy God.

When ‘My God’ started to play I got a little bit excited in anticipation of an in your face African praise ‘jump up’ style song. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t seem to go anywhere and was quiet, soft and laid-back and musically sparse. I can imagine that it would sound great live and get great participation from the audience but that doesn’t come across on the recording.

So what can I say about ‘The Take Off’ EP? The truth is for me, it didn’t quite take off and although at times it showed signs of lifting off it didn’t pick enough speed to leave the runway.

The quality of writing and vocals are awesome (especially those of William Adoasi) but as a musical offering I really think the production let it down. At times the choice of instrumentation takes away from the music and the mix often left the music sounding like it was boxed in and unable to breathe. ‘The Take Off’ EP is a reasonable effort from Divine Impact but I’m not sure if this is a true reflection of who they are and showcases the true talent that lies within this group.

Track Listing:

  • Intro
  • Be Still
  • I Need You
  • Holy
  • Reign In Your Glory
  • My God
  • I’m Free


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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