E Tizz ‘What I Gotta Say’ Review

ETizz What I Gotta Say

I’m not the biggest fan of Hip Hop/Rap but it is a style of music that I do enjoy and like to listen to. With that said, when I received the latest Preacher Boy Ent. release from artist E Tizz I wasexcited because I love his music.07/02/12 will see the international release of his latest album ‘What I Gotta Say’.

On listening to the album, ‘Hero’ featuring Rocstarr was definitely one that stood out with a thumping groove that would excite any drummer to play and melodic production which made this track enjoyable to listen to and one that will have a wide appeal from the die-hard Hip Hop lovers to fun-loving Electro-Pop lovers. Rocstarr’s vocals on the hook bring the song to life providing an awesome blend with the hard, driving beat and light, bouncing melodic lines creating a smooth soulful sound.

‘Clap Clap’ was the leaked track off the album which is a high energy track featuring Urban Gospel artist Jai (USA) on the hook… For the fitness freaks reading; this is definitely a track for the work-out session… G.P.  has brought the heat once again which has culminated in a track which see’s Jai provide a catchy, colourful and energetic hook on which E Tizz can flow easily and effortlessly in his trademark style.

‘You Already Know’ features Tru2DaName and Jahaziel and all I’m going to say is ‘You Already Know’ that this track is a certified HIT!!! (pun intended)… The use of metaphors by E Tizz, Tru2DaName and Jahziel on this track in particular is awesome… The wordplay will have you hearing something new each time you hear it. This one had me doing the dougie in my office chair. I can see this song setting the crowd off live.

Jahaziel shows up again on what is my favourite track on the entire album ‘Mr DJ’ which is a Reggae infused concoction which see’s him adopt the colourful, melodic flow of a Jamaican DJ creating an authentic Urban Reggae sound that is so good I think I want to grow some dread locks (joke).

The title track ‘What I Gotta Say’ features the man of the moment Guvna B who brings his distinct flavour, flow and sound to the track. At this point on the album I’ve noticed that ETizz is actually pretty good at creating catchy and memorable hooks himself…

Other stand-out tracks are ‘I’m Not Down,‘ ‘I’m Tellin ‘Em All’ featuring KJ-52 and Miss Tai and  ‘Stating The Truth’ which all offer something different and are strong tracks on this album.

All in all I think this is a great album. After my first listen one or two tracks stood out but as a whole it didn’t win me over straightaway but after a few listens I can say that I love this album. Musically it shows a lot of development since the ‘We In The Building Vol.1’ Mix-Tape and see’s E Tizz keep all of the things I’ve come to love his music for while experimenting a bit more and offering a more wholesome collection of music.

I would have liked to see E Tizz have a bit more of a ‘soap box’ moment though… With a title like ‘What I Gotta Say’ it would have been nice to have a theme or consistent thread on which he shared his thoughts or told a story through a collection of songs. The only other thing that could have made this album any better for me would have been to have a few stripped down, ballad tracks where the focus could have been solely on the content of his lyrics without any distraction… But if you’re after clever wordplay, catchy hooks, banging beats and quality lyrical content that will encourage the believer, witness to the unbeliever and not just entertain but minister then this will be a great addition to your iTunes collection.

Track Listing:

  • Out Killin’
  • Hero feat. Rocstarr
  • Clap Clap feat. Jai
  • You Already Know feat Tru2daname, Jahaziel & G.P.
  • Light Up
  • Mr. DJ feat. Jahaziel
  • What I Gotta Say feat. Guvna B
  • I’m Not Down
  • I’m Tellin’ ‘Em All feat KJ-52
  • Put Ya 1’s Up feat. TP
  • Stating Truth
  • I’m Sorry
  • Thank God That I’m Saved feat. Rocstarr


Reviewed by Matt Brooks

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