Earmark Collective: The Most Exciting Group Of 2014?

Earmark Collective The Most Exciting Group Of 2014?

Earmark Collective is one of UK Gospel’s most exciting discoveries of 2014. Co-founded by MOBO Award winning Gospel artist and UK Gospel’s “Golden Boy” Triple ‘O’, the group is an eclectic 4-piece whose aim is “to promote Christ through the medium of music, the soulful vibes of hip-hop and the old-school sounds of rap.”

Although the group have exploded onto the scene in 2014, Earmark Collective have been hard at work since late 2013 creating and refining their sound and delivery taking pride in their bold declaration of the Gospel whilst aiming to make good music.”

What’s in a name? The name of the Urban collective doesn’t have an overt explanation, however what is deeply tied into their identity and brand is the slogan, “Bear the mark, leave a mark”. It is with this slogan that the aim and meaning of the name become somewhat clear, but if you struggle to grasp it, listening to the song ‘Bear The Mark’ will change that.

Comprised of First Lady (co-founder), a lyricist described as a wordsmith who delivers with confidence and soul, Owanari Briggs, a poet who has combined his love for words with his faith delivered to the back drop of Hip Hop, Triple ‘O’, known for his Biblically accurate songs, fiery, double-time flow and distinctive voice and Sherkole Thomas, the “soulful songstress” who offers her Neo Soul-esque satin tone to the collective, the group is eclectic, electric and full of soul and depth.

“Rhythmic, poetic, soulful, conscious” are words that come to mind when describing Earmark Collective, which is why it is no surprise that the group have already been dubbed “Christian Hip-Hop’s answer to ‘The fugees’”.

Earmark Collective seems to represent all of the things that Hip Hop once was but no longer seems to be. Earmark Collective have gone back to the art form of Hip Hop that has been lost in sex, drugs, violence and immorality and developed a sound that is paradoxically classic and retro whilst being current and progressive and it’s because of these things why Earmark Collective may well be described as “The Most Exciting Group Of 2014.”

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