Elevation Worship ‘Wake Up The Wonder’ With New Live Album

Elevation Worship Wake Up The Wonder With New Live Album

This is one of many stirring declarations of praise to our Creator from the latest Elevation Worship project, ‘Wake Up The Wonder’.

The new live album was recorded on 1st August in front of an electrifying crowd of 16,000 worshippers at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina. The energy of that night, along with the powerful creative expression of each song make this an album full of congregational anthems for churches around the world.

Based on Genesis 28 and the story of Jacob waking up to realize he is in the presence of God, ‘Wake Up The Wonder’ calls the modern church to do the same. This album seeks to encourage listeners to rediscover the wonder and “Wow Moments” of God in the midst of their everyday lives.

Through intricate songwriting and passionate delivery, Elevation hopes to inspire listeners to view their lives as a series of God moments where all things are possible. With upbeat songs centered around freedom and celebration (‘Look How He Lifted Me,’ ‘Already Won,’ ‘Unstoppable God’) as well as powerful moments of reflection and gratefulness in the midst of difficulty (‘Jesus I Come,’ ‘The King Is Among Us’) ‘Wake Up The Wonder’ is a must have soundtrack to celebrate a risen, living, active God.

‘Wake Up The Wonder’ is a prayer believing for revival. It’s the stunned and speechless shift from darkness into light, from unconscious into conscious, from spark into fire.

‘Wake Up The Wonder’ will be available worldwide on 25th November 2014.

Track List:

  • Unstoppable God
  • Already Won
  • Your Promises
  • Jesus I Come
  • Ever Glorious
  • Your Love Is
  • The King Is Among Us
  • For The lamb
  • Fortress
  • Look How he Lifted Me
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