Elim Sound ‘Fresh Mercy’ Review


The ground-breaking début album from Elim Sound is one we’ve been hearing about for a while now so when one popped through the post we couldn’t wait to check it out and see if it lived up to what was being said by some of the guys involved with the project.

Word and worship collide in ‘Fresh Mercy’s’ 12 new tracks, written and performed by four of Elim’s Worship Leaders, Sam Blake, Stephen Gibson, Joel Pridmore and Ian Yates‘Fresh Mercy’ is published by Kingsway and was produced by Trevor Michael (Delirious?).

The album is a mix of both pure edgy rock worship with some intricate production techniques adding contemporary flavours and colours within the music which is refreshing and gives the album a very current sound.

The album is full of great songs however a lot of the songs are lead by one lead vocal with distant backing vocals which makes it sound like a solo album in parts when the songs that are being sung are very congregational and could do with more voices or a different method in the vocal mixes.

Stand-Out Tracks

‘Praise You’ has a nice atmospheric vibe and the ‘oh oh oh oh-oh oh oh’ section is very reminiscent of ‘Use Somebody’ by the Kings Of Leon and makes you want to ‘oh’ along and get involved with the song.

‘Holy Spirit’ is by far our favourite track on the album. The lead vocal sounds more soulful, smooth and has the perfect tone for the song. This song has a bounce to it, from the music to the vocals are really which add some beautiful colourful arrangements in parts. Definitely a song for the journey to work reminding us how much we need the Holy Spirit in our lives.

‘This Is My Hope’ features powerful rock driven vocals and dance-like synths in the same song but it seems to work. The chorus is very catchy too, perfect for singing in church and is sure to be a favourite on the album because of it’s simple message… “This is my hope that God is for me, This is my hope that Jesus loves me, I know my life is safe in your arms my Lord” and in the vamp features the powerful, victorious statement“We have confidence in you”.

‘I Have Faith’ was a bit of a shock to the system kicking in with heavily processed vocals and a driving beat and bass line pushing the song forward. This one has a few dance/electronic elements even with the classic break-down… the only thing missing was the classic dance/techno drum fill.

All in all it’s a great album which features some strong songs. It could have done with some more female vocal leads just to brighten up the overall tone of the album. The production on the album is well done and well thought out to bring diversity and capture worship in a way that’s not limited to a genre but a heart of worship. The lyrics are well thought out and are deep and meaningful and the ballad’s will definitely get a lot of play during times of devotion and quiet, contemplative times with the Lord.


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