Join Faith Child & Band LIVE On The ‘EXIT TOUR’ In Slovakia (Video)

Join Faith Child & Band LIVE On The EXIT TOUR In Slovakia

The UK’s funniest (and possibly most energetic) Christian rapper, Faith Child is taking his supporters to Slovakia… Not literally but in this video which allows us to experience his cutting edge, electrifying 10 date ‘EXIT TOUR’ in Slovakia last year.

The highlight of the tour for Faith Child and his band was seeing over 200 people accept God into their hearts for the first time.

“It was so humbling, knowing that i could be used as a vessel for His glory,” Faith Child shares. “It makes all of the stress as a musician worth it and it’s encouraged me to shine even brighter because people are attracted to my light and want to know the secret.”

“Being out there and seeing these things really shifted my focus and made me remember why i do what i do,” Faith Child passionately explains. “Us Christian’s say that we do it for God or to save souls but sometimes that’s not true or not as much of a focus as it should be.”

Watch this on MBTV.

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