Interview With One Of UK Gospel’s Most Charasmatic Artist’s… Faith Child

Faith Child

At M-brio Music we are passionate about showing the world good music, especially when it’s coming out of the U.K. We are so proud that there are so many talented artists here blazing trails and putting the U.K on the music map.

And so we turn our attention to one of the ‘old boys’ on the U.K scene, he might look young but don’t let that fool you, this guy is a seasoned veteran and it was our pleasure to catch up with Faith Child following his successful album launch last month to bring you closer to one of Britains most talented and exciting artists.

My Music & Influences

I’m credited as one of the leading Gospel artists in the UK who delivers a mainstream polished eclectic blend of Hip Hop, Pop, Electro, Indie and Futuristic sounds. My main influences has been the application of the Bible to everyday circumstances. I started performing on tours from the age of 10 and the guidance of my church leadership steered me in the right direction.

The Album Launch

The album launch was a BLAST!! I even went crowd surfing!! The energy was so high on the night, it was incredible. I was supported by Four Kornerz, Guvna B, Sharon Rose and Jake Isaac. Simply Andy hosted the night and DJ 4Real was on the wheels of steel!

It felt weird knowing that people had gone to the barbers/hairdressers, gone H&M and bought a travel card as well as a ticket just to see ME. Whilst I was sitting in my dressing room I was just thinking ‘Wow people are leaving house and coming on coaches from outer London just for me!” It still didn’t kick in.

The audience received the new material with open arms and tingling ears. My band executed every song and ensured the message of the song had a great vehicle behind it. One of the songs on the night even got a wheel up! Rather unusual for a launch!

The Call

Considering I’m now a decade deep in the music business, it is quite hard to back track as to when it first realised, however the testimonies I’m received about the effect my music has had on people is very assuring that I’ve been chosen as a vessel by God. For example, I was told of a woman who was able to get back on her feet after having a miscarriage when she heard one of my songs. This touched me and yet humbled me that God would give me the ability to impact His people.

The Industry

We don’t have an industry but a scene. The scene has developed greatly over the years for the better, highlighting the mainstream recognition of Jahaziel, Guvna B, Victizzle and G-Force. The ‘Urban’ Gospel genre has definitely infiltrated the churches and airwaves are set to take the scene to a whole new level, not just nationally but geographically.

I would love to see those in the Gospel scene who have power to take a look into the ‘Urban’ scene and help us push our music to the mainstream as we are producing music not just of their standard but even higher and substance filled than those on the airwaves.

What’s Next?

Now that my album is out, my aim is to flood the music channels with music videos and to take my music to the places others have failed to reach.

In 5 Years time…

I see myself having that stamp that Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary have in America. Regardless of the Christian message in their songs they are respected and are the face of Gospel in the mainstream circuit. I intend to have the privilege to be the same for the UK.

I think the site is great and give exposure to artist you may not necessarily know about.

Last Words….

Strive for excellence in all you do, for we serve a God of excellence and seek God first.

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