Female Korean Rapper HeeSun Lee Breaks ‘Stereotypes’

Female Korean Rapper HeeSun Lee Breaks Stereotypes

My City Records artist HeeSun Lee is a Korean rapper with a hard edge who is breaking all kinds of stereotypes with her bold and unabashed style of razor-sharp urban rhymes with precision enunciation and lightning fast delivery. “I’m not my gender, my color or my class,” she asserts on this jagged rhythm that establishes her cred as an emcee and places her dynamic skills among those of her able peers such as Nicki Minaj.

Lee was placed into the foster care system and was adopted by Chinese parents in Staten Island, NY. Having to deal with many different cultural clashes she eventually found her identity in Christ where all believers become one family.

As a Korean and a woman, Lee brings a fresh and unique voice to Hip Hop with her machine-gun delivery. Her new album entitled ‘Stereotypes’ will be released digitally on 21st January 2014 and is preceded by the single and music video ‘I Break Stereotypes’ (which features popular rapper MC Jin) which is out now.

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