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FLAME is undoubtedly one of the forerunners of Christian rap. Affiliated with Cross Movement Records, he has now branched out and set up his own record label ‘Clear Sight Music’ and has released a new album titled ‘The 6th. FLAME has released 8 albums, of which I have 6 and I have a massive respect for him and his ministry. His album ‘Rewind’ is the reason I can define the topic of Biblical Hermeneutics (The study of interpretation of the Biblical text). The whole album was educational and edifying, track after track I found myself learning something new. Let’s see what this current album has to bring to the table.

Typically, like in his other albums, FLAME takes us through a journey. This particular one is of mankind, God’s love and how sin can lead to your downfall. There are quite a few guest appearances such as V-Rose (vocalist and label mate), Thi’sle, Lecrae and Young Noah. You can expect to hear some hard-hitting production on this one with a few surprises in there too.

‘Try Me’ is the first track on this album. It features Young Noah whose voice resonated throughout the chorus. I found I had to listen to this twice to get in to it. It had a banging typical “dirty south” beat but I knew it would be one of the tracks I may continually skip whilst I listen to the album. ’The 6th Day’ featuring Chris Lee is a little more down my alley with vocals on the chorus. However the album is a lot more hard-hitting and gritty as heard on the next track ‘The Great Deception’. This song reminds me of the feel he had on the ‘Our World-Fallen’ album. Nevertheless, I am still expectant as I continue to listen. Lecrae shows up on track ‘Show Out’ but if I’m honest, nothing has really jumped out at me thus far.

However ‘Caught In The Lights’ really encouraged me to continue listening. V-Rose’s vocals really compliment the song. I wanted to hear her more than I wanted to hear the rap. Whether that’s because I’m a singer, I’m not so sure but I wouldn’t have complained if it was just her vocal’s on the song that’s for sure. I like the simplicity of the production on this song too. V-Rose appears on ‘Against The World’ later on in the album too. It’s another one where she excels in her vocals. Both FLAME and her bring something simple yet effective to this song.

One of the songs that stand out for me on this album is ’Scripture Alone’. This is the FLAME that I love. Packed with history of the Bible coupled with edifying lyrics, THIS is what I’m talking about. There is something a little different on ‘Christ Alone’. Dare I say reversed vocals courtesy of V-Rose in the chorus? Yup, I said it. Don’t switch off now. It’s out of the box and all Christ-centered and wait… DUB STEP at the end!! I’m actually enjoying this. I’m quite a fan of Dub-step and I appreciate the fact that the whole album wasn’t “dirty south” infused. It brought some diversity to the production side of the album.

Overall I would give this album a 3.5. I was a little disappointed that not much stood out for me. I wasn’t blown away and It sounded quite the same throughout with V-Rose’s vocals being one of the highlights for me.

I think it will be one of those albums that some absolutely love and others not so much. I stick with ‘Rewind’ being my favourite album from FLAME. Production wise, this album is very in your face, with a few mellow tracks here and there and a concept that I again found pretty similar to ‘Our World Fallen’. Needless to say I still look forward to hearing more from Flame in the future and what new subjects he will be teaching me through his music.

Track Listing:

  • Try me feat. Young Noah
  • The 6th Day feat. Chris Lee
  • The Great Deception
  • Show out feat. Lecrae
  • Trap Money feat. Thi’sle and Young Noah
  • Caught in the Lights feat. V.Rose
  • He did it again feat. AD3
  • Scripture alone
  • Running feat. Steve T
  • Against the World feat. V.Rose
  • Devil’s Bread Intro
  • Devil’s Bread
  • Christ Alone
  • Let Go Feat. DecembeRadio


Reviewed By Elizabeth Lubega

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