for KING & COUNTRY… The Journey To The Album ‘Crave’

for King And Country

Born and raised in the southern hemisphere in the land down-under… Australia 2 brothers Joel and Luke’s lives and journey’s have music as the backdrop of their lives.

Born to a dad who was a music promoter turned entertainment manager gave the brothers a diverse and eclectic experience of music from a young age.

“In the early 90’s we moved to… the USA after our Dad was offered a job in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, we have traveled the world (together as well as separately) singing, performing and running various aspects of artists’ live shows.”

It was out of experiences that a unique bond formed between Joel and Luke and they began working on music together.

“We have spent the last several years writing and developing what we call our, ‘International-Pop-Rock’ sound. Music has the peculiar ability to connect with the soul, and we want to use it to encourage… Life is a journey; full of highs and lows; triumphs and sorrows; these are the subjects we write about: Real human experiences. Whether that means sharing about honest struggles, asking unanswered questions, or talking about relationships, our hope is this music will inspire you and each song will relate to you, right where you are.”

“It was late 2005 when the brain child of for KING & COUNTRY was born and it’s been an exciting and difficult, inspiring and arduous, fulfilling and draining journey to this point. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We’ve written 150+ songs, some in LA others in Norway. We did showcases in CA, NYC and Nashville Tennessee. We changed our band name from The Deep to Joel & Luke to Austoville to for KING & COUNTRY. We’ve been built up and put down, stood up and stood with. And would you believe it, this is just the “beginning”! I don’t share any of this to gloat, but rather to acknowledge this truth, it has taken all these years and experiences to reach the starting line, and I believe we’re better and stronger for it.

The 11-track debut, ‘Crave,’ infuses for KING & COUNTRY’s multi-talented musicianship with creative, insightful lyrics and ear-grabbing melodies. The album includes the emotionally powerful track, ‘Light It Up’ which was written by the duo about a close friend who suffered from depression. ‘Crave’ also features ‘People Change’ and ‘Love’s To Blame,’ both of which made prominent television spotlights earlier this year on The CW’s hit show, ‘Vampire Diaries’.

“My brother and I spent the last 6+ years of our lives wrestling and writing to put together an album that is (hopefully) authentic, articulate and artistic. It’s last for 41 minutes and 47 seconds. It’s titled “Crave”, and we did it for you and it’s available for the first time TODAY!”

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    #Features @4kingandcountry – The Journey To The Album ‘Crave’. Read More Here: #Alternative #Rock #Story

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    #Features @4kingandcountry… The Journey To The Album ‘Crave’. Read More Here: #Alternative #Rock #Story

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