Freddy Washington ‘The Jesus Record Pt. 1′ Review

Freddy Washington Jnr The Jesus Record

When I was initially told about this free download, (YES, another free download people! we are being blessed lately!! Download ‘The Jesus Record Part 1′ HERE!!!) I proceeded to doing a little more research on Fred Washington. Some of you who may be reading this may not be familiar with him but he has probably been involved in some of the music you listen to right now, having produced for artists such as Da’ T.R.U.T.H. amongst others. He’s no stranger to music at all. With impressive credentials such as his, this is bound to be an interesting listen.

The first song titled ‘Just wanna’ is an up-tempo track that instantly grabs the listener’s ear.  With a catchy chorus and chord progression throughout the song, I am immediately curious about how the rest of the project will sound.  Freddy’s voice and tone are a mixture of Gospel with a little bit of a country feel. I could be wrong but, it is evident that his influence is from contemporary Christian music. It’s definitely not your typical ‘churchy’ Gospel sounding project. However, don’t let this not throw you off straight away if you are more in to your ‘R n B’.  He does a good job of making up for it lyrically and production wise and brings in a touch of traditional Gospel style in some of the songs.

‘316’cleverly titled after the well-known scripture John 3:16 is a stripped back song with strings and vocals.  The song is far from up-tempo but a memorable song on this project.  One that makes you sit back and listen. I must say I was captured by the writing.  I appreciate when an artist can make me contemplate and bring me in to a song.

‘Jesus’ is definitely the track that stands out on the album. Beautifully orchestrated, you’re taken on an epic journey from beginning to end. As odd as this comparison may be, this song is reminiscent of the Disney Soundtrack music I was exposed to as a child.  Absolutely colourful with the choice of melodies and the male and female backing vocals are nicely intertwined and well mixed. The production on this song is breath-taking. If you are in to production like I am, this is a song you will more than appreciate. I had this track on repeat for a good few hours I must say.

Can’t Hold Me Back’ hones in on the country vibe mentioned earlier. It’s an uplifting song that captures the listener with its encouraging message coupled with clean vocals. You honestly can’t help but appreciate the gifting that’s been placed within Freddy Washington.

‘The Jesus Record Part One’’ project stays true to its title. Each track on here oozes with the message of the Good news with each lyric and melody. Its production is the best I have heard for a while on a genre like this and to top it off, it has been well mixed and engineered. This made my listening experience a lot more exciting.  I would have loved to hear a little variation from Freddy on this project in terms of sound but you can’t knock him for staying true to himself.  I am also reminded when I look at the title that this is indeed part one of the project so perhaps he’ll grant my wish by giving me that variation on the second part.

For those who appreciate great production and vocal arrangement to name but a few, this is right up your alley. One of those projects you can listen to from start to finish. Its track listing is well thought out and each song effortlessly plays from one to the other. It may not be for everybody but if you have an eclectic taste, this is one for your collection. AND IT’S FREE!! Thanks for this Freddy. I look forward to part two.

Expect a knock at your producer and engineer’s door soon. I need to know what they eat and perhaps hijack them for my own project that’s for sure!

Track Listing:

  • Just wanna
  • We Are The City
  • 316
  • Jesus
  • He Understands
  • Can’t Hold Me Back
  • Changed
  • Because Of You
  • Pleasing
  • Help


Reviewed By Elizabeth Lubega

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