Free Download – ‘Just Being Frank 2′ By Franklyn

Just Being Frank 2

Franklyn is a young artist bringing a fresh approach to the Rap scene with deep, insightful lyrics which are laid brick by brick on a firm foundation of musical rhythms and melodies appealing to a wide variety of music lovers.

Franklyn released his latest musical project on 30th July 2012 titled ‘Just Being Frank 2’. He has ensured that his new LP ‘Just Being Frank 2’ retains the initial inspiration and musical influence from his Grime platform but demonstrates progression with the use of real instruments and maturity in the content he speaks about.

At only 19 years old, Franklyn is renowned for contributing thoughtfully to relevant topics and conversations and as a result has been propelled into the media, which includes being featured on BBC 1Xtra. His LP features tracks that mention serious social issues such as teenage pregnancy but holds on to speaking about what it’s like living as a 19 year old. With songs entitled ‘Revolution,’ and ‘Smile,’ Franklyn doesn’t shy away from social issues but freely commentates from a young person’s perspective. ‘Just Being Frank 2’ is a project that is true to the title as it is very honest and personal to the writer, thinker and social commentator himself.

Hackney born and raised, Franklyn comments:‘I’ve worn my heart on my sleeve on every song. This is some of the best music I’ve produced so I rest assured in the fact that those who listen will love it.’

Featuring artists such as the MOBO award winning VictizzleSeyi and the Dove Award Winning Lola Godheld, ‘Just Being Frank 2’ is a project not to be missed. For those that think Rap has been watered down to mere Pop music, Franklyn delivers with meaningful lyrics and music for the soul.

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