Free Download – ‘Read Between The Lines’ By K. Sparks

Free Downlaod Read Between The Lines By K. Sparks

K. Sparks & DJ Booth present K. Sparks’ newest album project ‘Read Between The Lines’. The Queens New York Recording Artist chose the album title ‘Read Between The Lines’ as a statement for everyone to never take anything at face value.

“Everyday we are fed negative images and content through mass media on a daily basis,” K. Sparks shares. “We live in a day and age where people have to be intuitive enough to read between the lines of content we are fed and think for themselves. Challenge yourself to not merely think outside the box, but to never get in the box at all.”

‘Read Between The Lines’ is an eclectic blend of music that features guest contributions from Tina Quallo, Paul Rivers Bailey, Nation, and JD.Production credits include Kurser, Payozo, Fero Navi, Bugseed, T Mos, DJ Bobby Bob, Sean Ross, Daniel Fortune, and Paul Cabbin.

‘Read Between The Lines’ stretches the boundaries of conventional Hip Hop. K. Sparks is a Rap artist, music producer and writer that has inked and crafted several songs for various artists; K. Sparks truly embodies the term “real Hip Hop”. With his passionate tone, sincere lyrics, and drive for Christ it is very clear that he is on a mission; to help up lift people through music.

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