Free Download – ‘Sound Of Your Voice’ By Andrew & Hannah

Free Download - 'Sound Of Your Voice' By Andrew & Hannah

In their first offering, the ‘Sound Of Your Voice’ EP, husband and wife duo Andrew & Hannah Brown bring a collection of songs meant not to entertain the listeners but to help lead them into the presence of God.

“We were all created with the desire to worship,” explains Andrew. “But a lot of times that desire is misplaced – we worship ‘things’ like money, sports or celebrities. And, sadly, when we do that, we’re not living out what we were created for.”

Hannah continues, “If you look at nature… trees, flowers, mountains – even tiny blades of grass… they grow upward; they grow toward the heavens. Everything was made to worship. Even if people stop, creation will still praise Him, the mountains will still cry out.”

Fans of Leeland, Gungor, and Jesus Culture will love Andrew & Hannah’s ‘Sound Of Your Voice’ while anyone who loves strong songs accompanied by heartfelt and sensitive instrumentation.

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