Deborah ‘From The Heart’ EP Review

From The Heart

Zoe Records artist Deborah, makes her first impression on the Gospel scene with debut project ‘From The Heart,’ and for a first project it’s a good effort.  I’m definitely partial to singing over rapping, so it is somewhat refreshing to have a project from a singer when in the UK Gospel scene it is predominantly rappers and emcees that are enjoying success right now.

Deborah teamed up with producer J. Williams who was responsible for writing, music production and vocal arrangements on the project.  Anyone familiar with UK Gospel music could probably tell that the increasingly popular producer had something to do with this, and his stamp was definitely left throughout the project.  His confident production style, on occasion, overpowers Deborah’s modest vocal efforts, but generally speaking the pair are a good match.

What I consider the EP’s strongest track ‘Sovereign King’ is also Deborah’s first single.  While the track is incredibly bassy (which I like!), it is stylistically quite simple and is by far the best showcase of Deborah’s vocal.  While many of the other tracks on the EP are driven by music production, this one gives Deborah a chance to shine and we get a flavour of her vocal capabilities and ‘her sound’.

The final track ‘Save Me From Me’ featuring J.Williams is the other standout song from this project.  Deborah and J.Williams’ vocals blend together and the music production is balanced and well constructed.  I’d say it’s definitely a contender for second single if there is to be one.  (One has a concept for the music video for it already, Zoe Records, holla at me!)

Deborah also joins forces with JayEss on the track ‘Your Will,’ which works, but isn’t the most exciting track on the project.  I don’t know why, but I expected it to be and was somewhat disappointed that it wasn’t.  It would be nice however to hear JayEss do his own version of the track, featuring Deborah on the hook.

Deborah is very new to the music scene, and it shows on this EP.  Her vocals have potential and whilst the project’s musical production is quite busy in places, the EP does contain a couple of good tracks.

For those looking for musical genius, chord complexities and 10-part harmonies (slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean) – this isn’t for you.  For those looking for a catchy and upbeat listen, then give ‘From The Heart’ a go.  It’s a stable effort from a new-starter and is definitely worth of a listen.


Reviewed By Rayna Miler


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