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G Powered

Regular visitors to our website will have seen that G-Powered were on Centre Stage artist earlier in the year. Due to their popularity we decided to interview them to help you to get to know more about them and their music. So, here goes…

Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by us. How are you both doing today?

I´m doing really good. I have had a busy but very interesting week by making new music and going to school. We have finished our new album with G-Powered, so there has been quite a lot to do lately.


It has been interesting to see how people have taken our new album and   liked it a lot. Now it’s time to relax a little bit and then make new songs again.

Out of all the artist’s we’ve featured on our website, you guys are probably the least known and we’re sure a lot of the people who saw you on our Centre Stage feature wanted to know a bit more about who you are, your music, who/what influences you and  finally how you got where you are today.

My name is Miia Rautkoski, a 26 year old Musician/music teacher student from Tampere. After finishing Highschool in Tampere I moved to Jyväskylä where I met Kimmo (my current bandmate).  Kimmo was looking   for a new singer for his band and I wanted to join a dance band. I found Kimmo`s phone number and called him. The next day we met and started to do music together. We decided to change the name of the band, because it would be so different than the first band Kimmo had.

I’m 25 years old and I spend most of my time making new music and getting new contacts all over the world. I also study economics and work with websites. I’ve been a Christian throughout my life.

During these almost 5-years together as a band we have achieved many things that we were both dreaming of. We have had over 100 gigs and some of them have been abroad. Doing co-operation with a machine dance company called Positive Gaming has been very nice. Five of our songs can be found in the machine dance game called iDANCE. Releasing our third album (in English) after a one month is also a thing from which we both are very happy.

That’s awesome. Especially the fact that your music has been featured on a game. Now that’s what you call, spreading the Gospel in a relevant way.

You both seem to have busy lives aside from music. If you weren’t involved in music what would you be doing?

Miia:Well, dreaming about being involved with music=)!

Maybe some business. But I like this so much more!

G-Powered is a Dance group. Why did you pick this genre of music to spread the Gospel?

We both enjoyed listening dance music, but there were only few groups who did gospel-dance music. We wanted to have lyrics we could personally stand out and still enjoy nice beat of rhythm and good feeling related to music.

From watching your videos, we can see that you take a lot of pride in your delivery (performance). Tell us why this is so important to you and what kind of impact it has when you’re doing concerts for unsaved people.

For both of us believing in God is the most important thing in this world. Connecting faith with music is very natural way of express our thoughts.

How important is it for you to reach out the unsaved people? Are they who you target with your music?

We want to reach out all the people who enjoy listening dance music. Of course it is very nice if we can reach also people who don`t know God yet.

We’re sure a lot of our readers are wondering what kind of church you go to in Finland. What kind of church do you go to?

Miia: I like to go quite many churches based on Christian faith. I´m Lutheran but I also like going for example to free church.

Kimmo: I like to go in living Lutheran church

What is the music like there? Any Dance music on a Sunday morning? lol

Miia: Depends on the church! I would say, it would be very nice if  there was more dance music in churches.

In normal night music is gospel pop with guitar and piano. For youths there is sometimes dance music offered by us :)

That’s great. It would be an awesome experience to encounter worship with dance music. Worship is a lifestyle and a matter of the heart and nothing to do with music (really speaking) and so maybe as things change in churches there’ll be more dance (and different styles of music) found in churches.

What’s been your biggest challenge as artist’s?

Miia: To encounter my own self and accept myself as a who I am on the stage, and also approve the thing that I cannot please everybody.

Kimmo: It has been really challenging to get our production quality higher and higher. Now for a first time I think our songs sounds like they have to!

What was it that made you want to use music to spread the Gospel?

Miia: I have always enjoyed making and playing music and I always wished to be able to work within it. When I was 18 year old I remember going to a Gospel festival and listening to a Finnish band called Turvakytkin. That was a moment when I realised I want to do Gospel music. To realize that made me feel very good!

Kimmo: I was very young, only about 7 year old, when I tried to find Gospel dance music. I didn’t find what I wanted and I decided to begin doing it myself. I believe that God gave me that dream. I started to play piano only for learning to make music and now I can live this dream.

What is the Christian music industry like in Finland and from the perspective of an artist, how have you found it and what if anything would you change about it?

Miia: It´s a grace of God, and also hard work of ourselves and especially of Kimmo. I must say I´m very proud of the work he has done for our band.

Kimmo: Churches and events have been really interested for our music although there hasn’t been anything like this before.

If you had a chance to collaborate with an artist/group/band who would it be and why?

Miia: I would like to work with Seal, because I like his voice and music very much.

Kimmo: I would like to work with Andy Hunter.

Those are interesting choices. In the UK, electronic music is quite popular. In Gospel lots of people are doing Garage, Grime and Funky House as well as Rap etc (all forms of electronic music). Have you heard of any of the UK Gospel artist’s doing this sort of music? If you have who have you heard of and would you collaborate with them on a few songs?

Miia: I have to admit I haven’t..(little embarressed about it)

Kimmo: I should listen them more.

You should check them out and maybe do some remix’s/collaborations with them. That’s something we’d love to see.

We know that producer’s are into their gear. What kind of gear and technology do you guy’s use in your studio to make your albums?

Mac, Genelec, Logic, and a lot of software synthesizers.

What does Todellisuus say about Mia and Kimmo and which song do you think represents that best?

There are many songs which tells the listener about our personal desire of feeling a real love of God and people.

That’s great and what’s even greater is that you’re planting seeds with your music. We truly believe that you’ll achieve your goal in bringing the love of Jesus to the world.

So, what’s next for you, what can people expect from you in 2010?

We have a new album (in English) coming out, many nice gigs and maybe something special in autumn 2010! ;-)

We’ll be looking forward to the surprise in Autumn.

Where do you see G-Powered in 5 years time?

Miia: Well I hope I could be on a stage as much as I can and still making good music with G-Powered and also some other compositions.

Kimmo: Only God knows, but If it’s His will, it would be great to be doing concerts all over the world.

Any final words?

We hope that our music could encourage people to know Jesus more and more.

God Bless you!

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