Features: Introducing GIEL… The Message Behind The Music

Features- Soulful Rock With An Urban, Alternative Twist... Introducing GIEL

GIEL (pronounced Ji-L) is a talented young singer/songwriter from Miami, FL.

Described musically as Soulful, Rock with an Urban, Alternative twist GIEL is using her music to share the message of her faith, hope and inspiration for everyday life.

As a multi-instrumentalist (playing the piano, guitar, drums, marimba, xylophone and steel pans), GIEL’s musical ear and dexterity can be heard in the production of her Soulful, melodic songs.

As a writer, GIEL cleverly uses day-to-day experiences with colourful picture painting metaphors and similes that make her songs easy to digest and instantly connect with the listener and provide the platform to share the Gospel in a way that relates to the lives of those who are Christians and those who aren’t.

GIEL’s latest release came in the form of ‘GIEL: The Message Behind The Music’ EP.

“I feel like God has given me a new life, and the songs that He’s given me are only confirmation that God really does do a NEW thing in us,” shares GIEL. ‘The true message behind my music is, there is LIFE and a 2nd chance in CHRIST. That His grace and love is sufficient. It’s a message of HOPE and VICTORY, in Him…and that’s what I call, “Good News”.

One thing that can be said of GIEL is that her pure vocals, sweet tone and transparent lyrics make good music with enough commercial flair to be at home on mainstream radio but enough substance, passion and soul to pick you up when you’re feeling down.

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