‘God’s Great Dance Floor’ | Step 1 | Tim Hughes Interviews Martin Smith (Video)

Gods Great Dance Floor Tim Hughes Interviews Martin Smith (Video)

To coincide with the release of ‘God’s Great Dancefloor’ – his debut full length solo album – Martin Smith has teamed up with fellow songwriter and worship leader Tim Hughes as well as director Greg Fromholz (the brains and bravery behind all those great Rend Collective videos).

Filmed on location in a tumbledown piano shop in the dustier side of Brighton, the resulting EPK is everything you’d expect it to be from the trio: beautifully shot, sumptuously sound-tracked, with plenty of warmth flowing between the two songwriters. Taken from a full-length interview in which Tim asks Martin about past, present and future, there’s no denying the fact that Martin Smith has been a first hand witness to some remarkable developments in the world of worship over the last two decades.

But there are surprises in store as well. This is no puff piece, and Martin speaks with honest vulnerability about life. He talks of his rediscovery of the joy of making music, of dependence on God, of fragility, grace and the overwhelming power of God’s love and forgiveness.

Martin speaks of the joy of making music with local musicians from his local church and talks about what he sees as some of the challenges facing the Church today: the need for true freedom – particularly in worship, the importance of breaking down the walls that keep us in – and others out, and the true potential of worship to act as a catalyst for true life transformation.

Drawing to a close, Martin recalls the story of the prodigal son, marveling at the extent to which God’s grace overpowers all that we’ve done wrong.

“We’re all invited,” he says. “That’s the message of ‘God’s Great Dancefloor’.

For Martin – as the EPK so clearly shows – the future is about whatever is new and whatever has God’s fingerprints all over it. Whatever has come before is just a destination to be longed for again; it’s just another part of the journey.

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