Graham Kendrick On The Creative Process For ‘Worship Duets’

Graham Kendrick On The Creative Process For Worship Duets

Graham Kendrick opens up and invites viewers in to share a little of the creative process and heart-felt passion that lies behind his remarkable new album ‘Worship Duets’.

In 5 minutes of beautifully shot footage, Graham talks songwriting, collaboration, worship and response. He discusses the reasons why we sing, the benefits of shared creativity, dispensing great quotes with typical ease as he goes. Quotes like this…

“You could fill library shelves with theology of worship, but we love Him because He first loved us. We’re just saying thank you in a thousand different ways.”

Featuring footage of Michael W Smith, Martin Smith, Paul Baloche, Stuart Townend, Rend Collective and Jon Egan all discussing the influence and significance of Graham and the project itself, it’s a great piece that offers an insight into minds of some of the leading voices in modern worship.

Speaking about ‘He Is Risen’ - the song he co-wrote with Graham - Paul Baloche describes it as one of “the kind of songs I look for as a worship pastor, where they teach without sounding like they’re teaching, and the congregation sings them they’re getting theology and an image of God and God’s story locked into their minds and locked into their hearts.”

Stuart Townend describes Graham as a “massive role model for how to place truth in ways that strengthen faith.” He points to ‘O! What A Love’ - the product of their collaboration – as an example of the importance of expressing intimacy alongside a declaration of truth.

“All the creativity and collaboration is healthy and good” says Graham. “It’s a sign there’s an overflow, that something is stirring within.” 

Directed by Greg Fromholz, the short piece articulates a theme so often resonated throughout scripture; the importance of different generations coming together for the glory of God.

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