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Guvna B

Guvna B released a brand new single titled “Free’ out on 24th June 2012. Following the single will be Guvna’s sophomore album titled ‘Odd One Out’ which is due for release this summer.

We caught up with Guvna to find out more about the single, album and a little bit more about this him and his visions and aspirations.

M-brio Music: So Guvna, tell us what being ‘Free’ means to you…

Guvna B: “It means a number of things…  Who the Son sets free is free indeed. People don’t understand how free they are e.g. When you first get saved you have freedom but it’s easy to get trapped by friends or even religion but your not enslaved to those things. You can do what you want to do.”

M-brio Music: So what was it that made you use that sample?

Guvna B: “I feel like where the Gospel scene is at the moment is a bit quiet and I thought that I really want to push Gospel music out of the boundaries and the circle that its in at the moment. I thought, how do I do that? So I went through a few strategies with my team and this year a lot of mainstream artists have brought back old school tracks and done more modern takes on them. For example you had Wretch 32 with the guitar sample in ‘Unorthodox’. Then you had Skepta with his remix of “Everybody Dance Now,” (on ‘Make Peace Not War’) so I thought, that’s what’s current at the moment so I went through a few old school samples and started emailing a few labels and Warner were one of the ones that got back to me and said ‘we’d love for you to put a Gospel spin on the Ultra Nate song,’ so we just went in the studio and tried to run it and it just clicked… It just worked straight away.

M-brio Music: That’s pretty cool man. So, what’s the thinking behind the album title/concept ‘Odd One Out’?

Guvna B: “You know how everyone tries to fit in, in school? Into a certain crowd or how everyone wants to be part of a certain crowd… I’m trying to make the in thing to be to stand out and be yourself, have individuality and be who God has called you to be on the earth instead of trying to be like other people.”

M-brio Music: What were you like when you were in school? Were you the ‘Odd One Out’?

Guvna B: “Yeah, I think I was always the ‘Odd One Out’ in terms of how people viewed me but I didn’t know that so I always tried to fit in but it just didn’t work. I was forcing it and from when I got into school everyone just saw that I was different. I wasn’t even a Christian back then but there was just something different about me so I always stood out but I didn’t like that because I wanted to fit in. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that I stand out because God has made me special. Everyone’s supposed to stand out and everyone’s supposed to be the ‘Odd One Out’.”

When asked about his influence over young people in the UK, Guvna B described it as “humbling…”

Guvna B: “One of my dreams is that there won’t to be a main division. For example you have Gospel and you have Contemporary Christian Music. I want to be someone that joins people together more.”

For those of you who don’t know, Guvna B recently campaigned alongside MP Stella Creasy and Ken Livingstone in the 2012 London Mayoral elections, is an Ambassador For Youth For Christ, a Celebrity Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, and an Ambassador for The Terrence Higgins Trust for their TalkSafe Campaign. It’s clear that Guvna B wants to use his voice for more than just rapping and make an impact on society using his influence for the greater good.

M-brio Music: How important is it for you to be a voice, not only to Christians or through music but also in campaigns as well?

Guvna B: “It’s so important for me. I’ve always said that for me, I want it to be more than just music. I don’t just want to be a rapper. I want to be politically and socially aware. I think music is a great tool in drawing people in but when the music stops I want people to leave with messages of hope and positivity, of loving society, knowing about politics and things like that so wherever I can, I try to be involved in social projects, projects in my community, political projects and just encourage young people to think outside of their box and realize that if they’re clued up you don’t need to riot to show that you’ve got power. You can be clued up about issues in society and that shows that you have power that way. You can have power by debating with people that hold the power and are key influences in society.

M-brio Music: Your gift and influence has brought you before great men. Did you ever imagine that you would get to meet David Cameron?

Guvna B: “I always knew that God was calling me into that kind of environment. I didn’t think it would happen so early but I think it’s further confirmation that I’m meant to be more than just a rapper. I didn’t even email them, they got in contact with me which was further confirmation that this is where I’m meant to be and the kind of people I’m supposed to be meeting with to represent young people and young Christians.”

M-brio Music: Can we expect the next Prime Minister to be Guvna B?

Guvna B: “*Laughs* I don’t know about that but maybe in some capacity. Maybe in education or something that represents the ambitions of young people. A post like that would interest me but I don’t know about Prime Minister.”

M-brio Music: So what are you going to do after the music stops? Is this a stage in your life or something you’ll be doing as a pensioner rocking the mic on stage with a Zimmer frame?  *Laughs*

Guvna B: “*Laughs* I’ll rap as long as I’m relevant because I think it’s a good tool and if culture responds to it then it’s worth having a voice through rap music. The greater goal for me is 3-fold:

  1. “I just want to be a political and social voice whenever there’s an issue… I want to be the person who represents young people and they way they want to be represented.”
  2. “I want to set up a label but run it properly in a way that would create a money-making industry where money goes round and round where no-one lacks and anyone can make quality music. I want to invest in people that have potential.”
  3. “Set up a big multi-cultural festival that happens in London. We have Soul Survivor, New Day and The Big Church Day Out that all happen outside of London but I want to do something for inner city kids and build it from the ground up and make it massive.”

M-brio Music: That is fantastic, absolutely loving that vision and plan. So, getting back to your single… Give us one experience of how you’ve been set ‘Free’.

Guvna B: “I’ve been set free from religion. When I first became a Christian and the people in my church saw that I had something, they set a lot of rules (some even saying that I couldn’t rap because rapping is not of God) and I had a lot of religious pressure. As I grew as a Christian that’s something God set me ‘Free’ from that saying that is if He’s given me a voice and a gift then I have to use it to the best of my ability and get out there. This album (‘Odd One Out’) breaks all the chains of religion that I had. I know a few people may not like it or certain decisions that I’ve made but I feel ‘Free’ in the sense that I’m just doing what I believe I’ve been called to do.”

M-brio Music: So can you give us any exclusives that we can look forward to on the album?

Guvna B: “I can’t release too much information but there will be a big American feature and a UK mainstream rapper and vocalist… There will also be features from Keisha Buchanan (SugaBabes), LZ7, Claire Hamilton (Rend Collective Experiment) so there’s a lot to look forward too.”

The music video for ‘Free’ can be viewed HERE!!!

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