Guvna B Interview: ‘The Sky Is NOT The Limit’

Guvna B The Sky Is NOT The Limit Interview

After a long New Years Eve celebration you couldn’t blame anyone for wanting to stay in bed and sleep the day away. For one young, gifted man from East London, New Years Day set the pace for his ministry in 2011. This young man is Isaac Borquaye affectionately known to most as Guvna BGod’s Unique Vessel Now Assigned.

On the 1st January 2011 Guvna B released his eagerly anticipated Mix-Tape titled ‘ScrapBook’. What made this release even more special was its content… 20 songs and 3 bonus songs and all of this for FREE. Surely no artist in their right mind would give away 23 songs for free; especially when 20 of them are brand new.

“Over my music career I’ve received numerous blessings and various people who have supported and invested in me by means of buying my album, my singles, and buying tickets to my concerts. I’m so humbled by that. I just thought it was time I gave back to those people. Also, I get mail from all over the world. There are people who are less fortunate and may not be able to afford a Guvna B concert ticket or a Guvna B album. The Mix-Tape is for them too. Lastly, I’m in my final year of university and have exams in the spring so will be heavily focused on that. The Mix-Tape will hopefully make up for the month or so where I go quiet and I’ve got my head down studying. After that I’ll be back with a bang, working on my sophomore album.”

Guvna B is right to want to bless his fan’s and even more so those who have contacted him and have no access to his music or worse; unable to afford it. With that said, most sold albums have approximately 10 songs these days so why would he decide to give away 23 for free?… Read this in full HERE!


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