MOBO Award Winning Artist Guvna B Announces Ground-Breaking Project… The ‘Living Room Tour’

Guvna B Living Room Tour

At 9:00pm tonight (5th December 2011) MOBO Award winning Gospel artist Guvna B announced a ground-breaking initiative. An initiative to take the Gospel to 20’000 people… How would that even be possible you may ask. Well Guvna B (along with his management team Black Grape Global) have come up with the ‘Living Room Tour’… The ‘Living Room Tour’ is exactly what it says on the tin. Guvna B will be embarking on a tour of people’s living room’s all over the UK performing songs off ‘The Narrow Road,’ ‘ScrapBook’ and new previews of songs from his up-coming Sophmore album. This is not just for London; this is for the whole of the UK so if you want Guvna B to be giving you an exclusive performance for your family and friends be sure to book a date and get him to come and make history in your very own home.

While the ‘Living Room Tour’ is a fantastic idea and will be a lot of fun for everyone (including the man himself Guvna B) there’s a greater plan and a greater vision than the age old concept of a house party. By participating in the ‘Living Room Tour’ you will have to get at least 20 people to be a part of it… The tour will visit 1000 homes nationwide and so with a minimum of 20 people per house Guvna B will have taken the Gospel message to 20’000 people.

“I feel the living room tour is a new exciting thing. You’re more up close and personal and I love that.”

“Shows are great but sometimes you wanna talk to the people on a 1 to 1 level or in a small group… Share your story on a personal level.”

Guvna B went on to say “The living room tour enables me to do that. Taking Christian music and the message of Jesus to living rooms is exciting because non Christians who might be put off by church events can go as it’s just a case of going round their mates house.”

So… Do you want Guvna B to perform in YOUR living room? Visit and BOOK NOW before it’s too late. This is an awesome opportunity to share the Gospel with friends and family so make the most of it and let’s be a part of a movement that could see ten’s of thousands saved as a result.

P.S – For any stalkers out there that are thinking about booking a date in the ‘Living Room Tour’ diary, Guvna B has this to say to you all… “Stalkers are scary lol but my manager is a big guy (haha) but it’ll be fine. I love conversing and meeting new people! Cheers guys! Hope to see you on the tour!”

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