Guvna B Set To Make “Big Screen” Debut In “Urban Comedy” ‘IT’S A LOT’

Guvna B Set To Make Big Screen Debut In Urban Comedy 'IT'S A LOT'

Guvna B has broken out of the confines of what is expected from a “Gospel Rapper” once again with announcement of his debut film role in Mirror Image Ltd Film Production’s first feature length production ‘IT’S A LOT’.

Dubbed as a high concept “Urban Comdey,” ‘IT’S A LOT’ is written by Femi Oyeniran (AKA “Moony”Kidulthood, Adulthood and Anuvahood) and Nick Walker. ‘IT’S A LOT’ is produced by Dean Fisher (The Man Inside, Interview With A Hitman and City Rats).

Speaking about his debut film role, MOBO Award winning Guvna B says, “It was exciting being in my first film. I found it a comfortable transition as I was playing myself.”

Guvna B’s role in ‘IT’S A LOT’ is a cameo role which see’s the influential youth role model and Princes Trust Celebrity Ambassador act as himself in what he describes as “a motivational influence.”

 “I think it will give me great experience for when I have to play different characters in future.”

Other actors featured in ‘IT’S A LOT’ are Adam Deacon, Roxanne Pallett, Tim Westwood, Kojo, Eddie Kadi, and Red Madrell.

‘It’s A Lot’ is scheduled for release in May 2013.

Film Synopsis:

‘IT’S A LOT’ is best described as ‘KiDULTHOOD’ and ‘AdULTHOOD’ meets eighties classics ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ and ‘Risky Business’.

Although it features some of the UK urban language of its predecessors, ‘IT’S A LOT’ is a comedy, which focuses on the mishaps and mischief of college life for a group of young British kids. In British street culture the phrase ‘IT’S A LOT’ is an expression used when a series of events are perceived to be too strenuous/exceptional or stressful.

Our hero Shaun comes from a wealthy, black upper middle class family with both parents in good jobs, but he has some identity issues. He struggles to accept his wealth and battles for street credibility. He aspires to be like the popular top boys in college, who all drive cars and get all the girls. He is a mischievous young man who will do anything to get what he wants. His parents Sandra and Michael believe that Shaun is enrolled into a 4 A Level Course at a Fee Paying College; however, Shaun drops out without telling them. He has enrolled himself at a local East London College.

His mission is to fit into the environment and be accepted by the girl of his dreams Chrissy, who is the most popular/top girl in the college. He gets his big opportunity to impress Chrissy when his parents decide to go on holiday and leave his sleepy but mouthy Grandmother to look after him and his 14 year old nuisance of a brother, Tyrone. Shaun decides to borrow their Bentley to impress his dream girl. His ploy works. She is all over him like a rash as soon as she sees the car. In their brief period together Shaun agrees to allow her to throw a party at his parent’s mansion. As he drops her back to her estate, he crashes the Bentley. He now has to think of a way to fix the car. Shaun turns to his cousin Kai and his friends, Stephen and Sam to come up with a solution to fix the car.

They all decide to set up a fake charity. They get inspiration from a lady who is handing out leaflets for the charity, ACLT. The aim of the charity is to raise aid and awareness about Leukaemia. The boy’s organise a showcase in order to raise money and the fake charity becomes an overnight success with lots of famous entertainers and musicians donating their time for free to perform at the showcase. His head teacher, newspapers, magazines and radio stations laud Shaun for his charitable efforts.

At Chrissy’s house party, Shaun rudely discovers that Chrissy is not the girl of his dreams after all. He is destined to be with the understated yet beautiful Natalie. Natalie opens up to Shaun and informs him that she loves his charity and everything it stands for because her sister is a leukaemia sufferer, who needs a bone marrow transplant. This pierces Shaun as he realizes the magnitude of his fraudulent charity.

At his lowest point Shaun decides to confide in his next-door neighbour Mr Patel, who tells him to do the right thing and own up to his wrongdoing. Natalie and his head teacher are so excited by their charity fundraiser music and urban showcase that they don’t give him a chance to own up to his wrongdoing, even when he attempts to be honest.

Chrissy is bitter that she is no longer the centre of attention and as soon as she finds out about Shaun’s fraud, she spills the beans to Natalie. At this point, Mr. Patel again intercedes for Shaun and gives him another opportunity to save the day. He decides to give all the money he has raised from the charity fundraiser to Natalie, so that her sister can go to America to get a bone marrow transplant. However, Stephen, who is in debt to the college bullies, James and Jahvon, has pilfered all the money.

Shaun has the unenviable task of making good his relationship with Natalie by locating the money for Natalie’s sister and fixing his parent’s Bentley. Throw in Sam’s racist father Mr. Hatherly and Shaun’s poverty-stricken Aunt, Lorna and ‘IT’S A LOT’.

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    November 13, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    I hope they use Griminal”s – It”s a lot – for the soundtrack!

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    November 12, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    Guvna B to debut in a comedy film [News]

  3. Adam & Matt Brooks (@mbriomusic)

    November 12, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    BIG NEWS… @GuvnaB is set to make his “Big Screen” debut in “Urban Comedy” ‘IT’S A LOT’ – Read more:

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