Guvna B Takes A Deeper Look At The England Riots!!!

Guvna B With PM David Cameron

MOBO award-winning artist, Guvna B, speaks out about recent rioting and looting throughout England. Guvna B, an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, met with David Cameron (English Prime Minister) three months ago to warn him about the frustrations of young people in Britain’s deprived communities. East London born and student of the University of Hertfordshire, Guvna B uses Grime and Rap music to reach out to young people with a positive alternative, promoting hard work, honest-living and faith.

In response to the violence seen on the streets, he has used his platform of music to speak out against the events of the past few days, with a brand-new single and music video entitled, ‘Hometown Riots’.

Despite him denouncing the disturbances, he provides a different view to that of Home Secretary Theresa May, who says the rioters are the embodiment of “sheer criminality”.

“I think the behaviour is unacceptable, but it’s very naive to say it’s just based on just sheer criminality,” Guvna B said.

“This is about a lack of investment in youth and mistrust between authority and the youth. The Government have to start taking the youth seriously and relate to them, if we’re to avoid this chaos in the future.”

“These kids are looting because they are bombarded with consumerism on MTV – for example, flash cars, flash girls. There are no jobs in London so they see something for momentary pleasure and they grab it. Some people have no work ethic after years of hopelessness.”

Guvna B recently gathered together some of the UK’s most talented

Gospel Grime emcees to work on a collaborative compilation album titled, ‘Next Ting 140’. A pioneer in UK Gospel music, Guvna B and friends present a 15-track album aimed to bridge the gap between the church and urban culture.

Most of the featured emcees have grown up and reside in the areas affected by the London riots and along with Guvna feel it is important to use their influence and faith as a way to get through to the young people.

Guvna B’s passion for uniting artists to inspire positivity is evident in all his projects. He still remains committed to his individual artistry and his highly anticipated sophomore album is due for release early next year.

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