Hillsong United ‘AFTERMATH’ Review

Hillsong United - Aftermath

Best-selling modern worship band Hillsong UNITED released their highly anticipated, 11th full-length album and second ever studio recording, ‘AFTERMATH’, Feb. 15, 2011 on Sparrow Records.

Being the first new album from Hillsong United in over 2 years ‘AFTERMATH’ was highly anticipated and had lot’s of expectations from fan’s all over the world.

The album started off a bit tame compared to what we’re used to from the normally all guns blazing energetic Hillsong United. This set the tone for the album… This wasn’t just going to be an album of songs to do the classic ‘Hillsong jump’ to but one with a greater significance to how we live our eyes than to our iPods.

‘Go’ sounds a little more like the Hillsong United we’ve grown to love over the years. Bellowing vocals, thumping drum grooves and a wall of sound coming from the guitarists and a message of freedom.

‘Rhythms Of Grace’ uses a simple chord structure that moved in a way that automatically provide the atmosphere for worship. It’s awesome how they managed to tie the title of this song in with the musical arrangement and the different intricate rhythms that are present in the different parts of the song… Especially in the instrumental section of the song and into the outro of the song too.

We didn’t know what to expect with ‘Bones’. It’s not everyday you see a song title like that. This song is really reminds us that God can “raise us to life again” and really all of the things God can do… He can resurrect even the most lifeless situations with His breath of life and break chains of bondage off of us. The chorus is so simple but beautifully sung. The 2-part harmony backed by very simple music that increases and decreases in dynamics to create an awesome simple worshipful nature to the song.

‘Search My Heart’ is a contemplative offering asking God to search our hearts… It offers a great melody just begging to be sung.

The album is very atmospheric… It’s very open and it seems to have been produced in a way to give the listener a lot of time to reflect and also listen. There’s lot’s of parts in songs where there’s no singing and the chances of that being down to running out of words are slim to none. It felt so natural almost like the Hillsong United writers were prompting conversation with God through song. Us speaking to Him and then leaving space for Him to speak back.

This isn’t just another album, this is the culmination of a desire to see change in the body of Christ and in the world and the songs on this album will definitely inspire that change. Hillsong United have proven with this album that their worship is about a lot more than just music or great lyrics… It’s about Jesus and seeing the world transformed by the power of a relationship with Him and the difference that can make in the world.

Rating 4.5/5

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