Hillsong Young & Free ‘We Are Young & Free’ Review

Hillsong Young & Free We Are Young & Free Album Review

Young & Free are the newest band from the Hillsong camp. Made up of young people who are passionate about expressing worship to the tune of Electro-Pop it seems like Young & Free fill the void that Hillsong UNITED left when they went from young energetic Pop-Rockers to adult experimental artists.

Young & Free have burst onto the scene quickly gaining a strong following (which –to be fair – is expected due to the strength of the Hillsong brand) and before listening to their music it would be easy for one to think that Young & Free is hype and that this new youthful worship outfit have nothing new to offer.

Listening to the ‘We Are Young & Free’ album turned out to be a surprisingly refreshing experience. ‘Young & Free’ isn’t a watered down version of Hillsong Live or Hillsong remixed to sound more youthful. The ‘We Are Young & Free’ album has it’s own identity and is not only youthful in it’s musical high energy production/performance but in it’s lyrical content too.

From the album opener ‘Brighter,’ which is infectious with the effulgent vocals of Melodie Wagner, which expresses the euphoric feeling “Your light is taking over me, Your light is taking over me… I’m dancing cause Your love has set me free… Your light is taking over me…” to the EDM-esqe (Electronic Dance Movement) ‘Alive,’ which sounds like current chart-topping synth driven four-to-the-floor Pop with the catchy chorus “You are alive in us, nothing can take Your place… You are all we need, Your love has set us free…”

One of the characteristics that is common in young people is the lack of balance/ “all or nothing” approach to most things which is normally a negative but this characteristic is portrayed so beautifully on ‘End Of Days’ as Young & Free sing, “Gonna sing until my voice won’t let me… As thunders roll we shout Your name… You’re the God of everlasting wonder… Your love outlasting, end of days…” ‘End Of Days’ also has my favourite refrain on the album “I’ll lift Your name, higher and higher… I’ll sing Your praise louder and louder… Your love goes deeper and deeper… You reign forever and ever…”

“Ever our heart would see, Jesus in everything… From sky to ocean deep Your love goes on…” is a timely reminder that God’s ‘Love Goes On’.

‘We Are Young & Free’ isn’t just an album… It’s a statement… A mission statement of sorts… These young people are saying ‘We Are Young & Free’ to worship, to be creative, to love and be loved, to enjoy life and experience God to the fullest.

The production on ‘We Are Young & Free’ is current and in keeping with current chart trends, however the HIllsong DNA is still very much present with Christ-centred lyrics and songs that speak of the magnificence of our God as well as the impact He has on our lives and the trade-mark Hillsong chorus drop-outs with the crowd singing and dynamic builds.

‘We Are Young & Free’ isn’t an album exclusively for young people and has some really genuine and heart-felt songs that express Young & Free’s love of God, experiences with Him and their desire to let the world know how great He is.

Track Listing:

  • Brighter
  • Alive
  • Wake
  • Lifeline
  • Close
  • Love Goes On
  • Gracious Tempest
  • End Of Day
  • Back To Life
  • In Sync
  • Embers
  • Sinking Deep


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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