From Small Town Farmer To Christian Pop-Rock ‘Starr’ – The Holly Starr Interview

Holly Starr Interview

Raised on a farm in the small town of Quincy, Washington, 19 year old Holly Starr is not afraid of hard work. In fact, the farm girl in Starr much prefers the dirt and grime to the glamour of the spotlight.

There’s something quite intriguing about artists who comes from the smallest, most intimate towns and villages, but end up being used to spread a global message, living their lives in the spotlight.

Perhaps this is all a part of a bigger plan… Maybe God uses the small town or even the church to ground a person and embed humility within them, so when they are sent out they have the character to back up their gift. Either way, the small town seems to have been the perfect place for Holly making her journey to where she is now even more interesting.

Having grown up in a place where there was ‘no music business’ one can only imagine the natural progression in her life would be to get into the family’s farming business. Which is why her answer to the question…
If you weren’t involved in music what would you be doing?… took us by surprise.

“I would be in cosmetology and colouring hair”…

Not quite the expected answer from someone who grew up in ‘the dirt and grime’ of farming. Although she did go on to say…

“If I were to marry someone who farms, then most willingly I would go in that direction…in conjunction with music of course (Lord-willing). Maybe more of an overseer for the farm instead of actually working it. I love the farm more than any place in the US. I would hate to see it go away”

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