Ian Yates Releases Free Download ‘Really Good News’

Ian Yates Releases Free Download Really Good News

7Core Music Worship Leader Ian Yates has decided to re-release his project ‘The Good News’ as free download and call it ‘Really Good News’ which is exactly what this is…

‘Really Good News’ will be released on 25th March 2013 with a CD version containing 2 bonus tracks.

As one of the UK’s finest writers and as a member of the acclaimed Elim Sound worship band, ‘Really Good News’ takes the original theme of ‘The Good News’ to another level.

‘Fire’ declares that we fold, that we resolve to nothing except Christ and that there is a fire in our hearts that burns for the one who paid all our debt.

‘Heaven’s Open’ declares that heaven is already open and that we live in a place where we can see lives radically changed, healed and restored as heaven touches earth.

The powerful ‘Fully Satisfied’ taken from Colossians 2 proclaims the truth that “IN Christ the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form and WE have been given the fullness of God the head of every power and authority” – As those found IN Christ we are / can be fully satisfied in God.

‘Passion’ declares that IN Christ everyone can have a hope and a new life.

The EP finishes with ‘I’m Alive’ taking the message of 2 Corinthians 5 and stating the amazing truth that we are now alive in Christ. That what Christ did wasn’t for a chosen few or a special select group but it was for the whole world! Reclaiming the word ecstasy to it’s true meaning and declaring the GOOD NEWS that One died for all, therefore all died.

“The Good News is scandalous… It’s radical… It’s SO good, it’s REALLY GOOD!”

Track List:

  • Fire
  • Heaven’s Open
  • Fully Satisfied
  • Passion
  • I’m Alive

Bonus Tracks (CD version only)

  • With Love – Radio Edit
  • Happy God

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